Friday, April 3, 2020

Sewing Face Masks for #covid19 Corona Virus

I've been sewing facemasks. After a long day of sewing facemasks, I chill out by looking online for Youtube tutorials, new patterns and new ideas. I'm starting to have a bunch of resources and the time has come to organize my resources. It will help me, and maybe it will help someone else, too. This page will be updated.

Pleated pattern with ties, no pocket

download pattern
Pattern notes:

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital accepts these
  • No solids, no blue & white prints
  • Ties don't need to be 48" long - you can get away with 44" easily
  • The pattern tells you to sew RS together, leaving 1" open to turn right side out. 
    • If you want to do it this way, leave more like 2-3 inches to turn it back RS out
    • But, don't do it this way. Just sew the top and bottom, leaving the side edges raw. They will be encased in the tie/binding in the last step.
    • After you have made your pleats - the finished side measurement is 3.5"
    • If you have a bias tape making gadget, that will make it a lot easier.
    • If you have a binding attachment, that is another way to make it easier.
      • I got a binding attachment for my Brother cv3550 coverstitch machine. As soon as I figure out how to use it (!) I will attach the tie/binding using the chain stitch.
      • Binding attachments are available for sewing machines, too.

Fitted pattern with Hair Ties, with pocket

Pattern notes:
  • Youtube Tutorial 
    • they don't fold the fabric, they cut each piece individually.
    • So you only need half the pattern pieces they provide - just cut it on folded fabric
  • Hair ties are pretty small, so this mask goes all the way to the ear. I altered this pattern by cutting 1.5" off the piece that goes up against the ear. 
  • Instead of a hair tie, I can thread any kind of elastic or tie through the channel.

Ties - stretchy ties made from old T-shirts

  • Works GREAT for ties. 
  • Not be stretchy enough, or thin enough to work well around the ears

Medical Grade Fabric - UFL Prototype 2

This mask is sewn from a material that is used when sterilizing medical instruments in autoclaves.
I imagine it would also be good to use as filters in cloth facemasks with pockets.


download pattern

More to come:

Pleated pattern with ties, HAS pocket

Fitted Pattern, with pocket, in multiple sizes

Sunday, October 23, 2016


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