Sunday, July 29, 2012

sentimental sewing

My mother is a great seamstress and she has always worn beautifully fitted & well-crafted clothing.  Hubby and I made a spontaneous trip to see her today and we scanned a few photos.  (Yes, she sewed this Mad Men-era suit)
Mom channels Jackie Kennedy.

I am the kid on the left wearing a robe she made for me.  Too bad this picture is  faded!

I love you, mom!  Thank you for all the home sewn clothes, the delicious meals and the comfortable home.  You did a great job. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

a little sewing apartment

We interrupt this blogging silence with a brief report on sewing in the smallest apartment you ever saw. Here is my adorable NYC studio apartment and how it is arranged to meet all of my needs:
Enter through the front door - where you see the small carpet.
And yes, there is my BFF in the closet!

The sewing room.

The bed /sofa: a lot more comfortable than one might guess.

One burner on the stove saw some use, but the dishwasher  and oven are there just for show.

Compact layout!

Yes, that is a moving box kit ... I will explain ...

Hello there, sewing comrades.  On Thursday morning, July 12, I received profoundly sobering news and my decision to move back to Maryland came very quickly.  We were at a good point in the production cycle and the articles are ready for next steps.  My boss graciously waived my two weeks notice.  

I am unable to dwell on disappointment.  Nothing is more important than my loved ones at this time.  Relationships will trump any job, any time, right?  That's all I can say about this unexpected turn of events.

There is a silver lining to every cloud.  I met new people and my creative wheels are spinning!  I look forward to continuing this love affair with sewing, and the many ways we share passion for our craft.

I want to give a special shout-out to Meg Carter: you, and the rest of the team there, are special and I will always remember your kindness above all else.

As my stepkids said to me, "Your head is in a really good place about all this" and yes, that is a fact.

As time permits, I will be back.
I look forward to it.


August 3, 2012 update for clarification:   The profoundly sobering event mentioned was a sudden and unexpected falling-out with my boss.  I resigned a few days later.  I am grateful to my family, close friends, and blogosphere friends for all the love and support.

The story begins in this post.