Sunday, August 30, 2009

Proceeding with the master plan

I want to make some more sleeveless dresses to go with shirts I plan to sew. Here is what I started this weekend.

I just started with my tank dress pattern. I guess you could call it a shift, eh.
I rotated the dart to the center front of a V-neck. Then I drafted a neckband. I just sorta winged it and here it is. Not much left to do, so this will finish up fast next weekend and I'll get the shirt going. I really (really) like this ITY poly knot from Christine Jonson. It is like liquid- so inviting and inspiring to play with. I am glad I got several colors, so I can experiment with color blocking and trims.
Here is a picture of my work table-
This is how I work. The padded top of the table is at a very comfortable height for me to stand. For some reason, my hands are much steadier when I stand. I am able to hand baste whatever needs it (quickly) and organize my thoughts before I sit down to sew on the machine. I don't use pins much. In the photo above, one piece if the collar has been interfaced with a lightweight stabilizer. It made the collar very easy to handle. This fabric doesn't fray, either. I like it.
Bye, bye August.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

baby steps towards design

Today I am thinking about the neckline on my next dress. I will use my basic pattern, but I will add a design detail (to be determined) at a flattering location. It looks like the neckline on my camisole is at the right place, based on my "balance points".
I reference valuable information shared by Imogen Lamport, on her blog Inside Out Style.

Wasn't that the point of Leonardo da Vinci's work? Yes, I think it was :)

Here I am wearing the camisole I made using some lycra (purchased from Fabric Depot online) and spiffy elastic from Sigrid.

*OK! Have some weekend fun! (I know I am)*

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm a Pin-Up Girl Classic

WiaW, originally uploaded by alittlesewing.
I used Beverly Johnson's Pin-Up Girls #1230 pattern to sew this- and fabric from Sigrid. She sent me some of her leftover fabrics, elastics, rings, sliders, etc and I sent her some patterns. It is sooo much nicer than anything I have found in the US. This pattern fit pretty well right out of the envelope, too. Fun! (Patterns never fit me, so this was especially nice.)
*Happy Summer*

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blue print dress

Blue print dress, originally uploaded by alittlesewing.

This fabric is clingy, so I added a layer to help with that.

So, I am not too sure about Flickr. I set up an account and I like how you can just click on "blog this", and go straight to Blogger.

But, now when you click on the picture, it goes to my photostream.

I prefer it to simply enlarge the picture.

Oh well... learning something new all the time, eh?

Sewing through the Dog Days of August

Aren't these some pretty fabrics? I am re-fashioning some skirts and dresses for Kelly. It's mostly a matter of cutting off the waistband (or bodice) and inserting a different treatment. I have started a new set on my Flickr account called Re-Fashioning so I can keep track of the fun stuff we do. She took some awesomely unflattering pics of "before" so we'll have some nice comparisons when finished! I am still learning Flickr, so maybe soon I will even post a link there! It could happen!
AND, drumroll please, my fabrics arrived from Christine Jonson! You must check out her new & improved website. Adding these solid color knits to my collection makes me soo happy! Look at all the combinations I have now. I I bought plenty of black to use for trims, facings, etc. Just a little black in a garment mitigate the pastel colors which could otherwise be too sweet for my taste. The shelves hold my inventory of fabrics. There are many, many very nice pieces in there. You can bet I will go back for more coordinates from Christine. She fills a valuable niche in the marketplace. After you have found your unusual prints at the other great online (or B&M store) head over to CJ's shop to get your swatches and find coordinates. (If you like to sew with knits, that is. I am not affiliated with her at all, just opining away.
Oh and look at all those little tags!!! She includes info about the fabric on each piece, so you can stack it right into your shelves without worry that you will later forget what the heck it is. I do appreciate that. Some of these won't get sewn for a while. There is that pesky issue with having only 24 hours in a day.

Can you feel the love? My dear daughter makes me so happy and grateful that I am a mother. Evidently, my body wasn't able to produce more than one child and it broke my heart at the time. But now, I think it has all worked out better than I could have dreamed.
Laura, you are deeply loved, my dear.
And to you all, may you be blessed with a wee bit of time, fabric, thread and Major Mojo!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shopping With A Plan

Shopping With A Plan, originally uploaded by alittlesewing.

Yesterday I was frustrated with my stash- and this morning I woke up with a GREAT idea!

I have this huge stack of beautiful fabrics, but not a lot of valid combinations. It's like having a bucket full of words that I can't make a sentence with. Or a basket full of letters, yet I cannot make a word.
A bunch of notes; ummm... that analogy doesn't work! I DO have harmony and a few melodies - but hey I want more!

So what do I need? (Vanna, I'll take an "M"!)

I figured it out!! I want to use these prints to sew jacket /shirts.

  • I am a pear, I need to keep the visual interest up on top.
  • I like dresses (a very recent discovery, thanks to my black & white tank dress)
  • I like sewing with knits

I need solid color knits! That's when I remembered having a set of swatches from Christine Jonson. I got them out, played around with different colors and color combinations. I could picture contrasting bands around neckline, midriff, maybe even som colorblocking? We shall see! Then I whipped out my Guterman chart and ordered the thread.

Now I feel as though my stash WILL reflect the wardrobe to be sewn. I am feeling much better about my stash now.


How do you feel about your stash? Does it look like the wardrobe you are planning to sew? Do you find it as hard as I do; to find coordinates?

*Hope your Thursday is a fine one*

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And a good time was had by all ....

What a wonderful time we had today. It's so good to have Laura at home for a visit. Her friend Becky wass a good sport to play Santa for us. Her reward was a new linen summer dress.

BWOF 2-2009 #125 Finished!

Made with linen from Michael's Fabrics. I washed it in hot water and ran it through a hot dryer three times. Then it sat on my fabric shelf for over a year because I had no idea what to do with it. When Becky said she'd like it for this dress, I agreed it would make a fantastic summer dress for a hot day.
Oh yes, and it does double duty as a Santa Claus dress if you need to celebrate in August. Laura didn't come home for the holidays in 2008, nor will she be home for the holidays in 2009.

So we are having a turkey feast today and my guests don't know that I collected an assortment of silly gifts for our traditional Gift Game (the one where people draw numbers, then fight over the gifts.)

I am primed for a good time today. And I have a whole hour to rest before guests arrive.
I feel so blessed for my family. They are preparing all of the food. I am just the party planner who does a little sewing on the side.
(I will post a review on patternreview - this is a clever, but easy dress. I'll be using these neckline details on a top for myself, too!)
I hope your weekend is fun!

BWOF 2-2008 #125 - Santa Dress

Yeah, this is happening now. Laura's friend Becky is here (just back from Japan) and ... well... this dress is for her.
I will finish it in the next couple of hours.

Here is how to get me to sew a dress for you:
Come to my house and look at my BWOF magazines. Using fabric in my stash, point decisively to a dress you like. Agree to dress up as Santa for the "Christmas in August" party.

easy, right?