Monday, June 29, 2009

Sewing for the Joy of It

Yesterday was a graduation party for my niece and I decided I wanted to sew a simple fabric envelope for the card I was giving her. One thing led to another. First I sewed a few different pieces together, then it needed a zipper and of course, it had to be lined! I just used the same thought process as if I were sewing a slipcover for a cushion. I made it the right size to hold pencils, or perhaps makeup brushes.DO YOU LOVE THAT PEN??? It says "Electrolysis Is Us" and it was part of a big bag of funny pens that Kelly got for Howie. (There was even one called "Howie's House of Hair" - it was a gag gift type of thing)

I felt so full of joy as I raced through this project - the fabrics are from Purl Soho. They are scraps from a bundle that I got for my birthday. Fun stuff.
Lizzy graduated from high school and got accepted at the college of her choice and we are all so very proud of her.
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sewing through the stress

This time of year gets stressful. As we move from one fiscal year to the next, all kinds of data must be carried forward. It has to happen at night (while the users are at home sleeping!) or on the weekend - because the system has to be "quiet".

That means I have to be flexible. In addition to my regular Mon-Fri work week,
I was supposed to start year-end work on Friday at 5:30pm. Some dependencies weren't met, so we guessed I could start around 11:30pm.
OK, only that didn't happen. It turned out to be 4:10am. sigh.

Right now, there is one more job running that could produce errors and it's my job to resolve the errors (if they come up).
We should know around 2am. (five hours from now)

And it isn't June 30 yet. I am preparing for some sleep deprivation over the next few days.
Only - how do you prepare for that?? You can't.
I am already cranky!

I have to work all night on June 30, and I WILL sew during the lulls.
And I have to remind myself that it is good to have a job and it is good to have teamwork. We do have good teamwork.

Yes, I will have some cheese with my whine.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't hate me cuz I live in Maryland ...

(click on the image to see a bigger picture)
I don't know where else, outside of NYC, a person has access to such amazing fabric. In Baltimore, I have A Fabric Place (which is the bricks & mortar shop of the same family that runs Michael's Fabrics) and in Rockville I have G Street Fabrics.
Of course, I am a familiar face in both stores! (not affilated, just a satisfied customer always happy to talk up my beloved fabric sources)
Like lots of my cyber-sewing-buddies, I sewed a capsule for the June Capsule Contest at Stitchers Guild. Originally, I was going to sew something to go with the tunic I sewed last summer and never wear. I used some dark blue fabric from my stash (down in Rockville) while the tunic hung in the closet (in Baltimore).
You guessed it, the blues in the tunic clash with the blues in my knit tank top, skirt & pants.
But, I found another orphan in the closet that is VERY happy with the new blue pieces, so it's all good.
I have a picture of my June Capsule that I will post on my blog as soon as the contest comes to an end.
In the meantime, I have bought a new set of fabrics (I took the tunic in the store to make sure the colors worked).
And this shall be my July sewing.
Happy Sewing!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tank top, gored skirt, pants

I finished my 3 piece capsule. The fabric is a heavy, drapey 4-way stretch rayon from G Street. It is a very pretty shade of dark blue. It was really nice to work with - not all fussy the way jersey can be. All patterns are self-drafted. The pants and the skirt have wide elastic waist bands (I used 1.5" wide elastic - I like it for comfort.)

Inspired by the new Christine Jonson Travel Trio pattern, I inserted princess seams into my TNT pants pattern. I just got the new pattern in the mail and I plan to make the jacket soon. I got swatches of her fabrics and I like having them to look at and play with before I decide what to buy.
I went out and had my toenails painted blue today. It just seemed like a good idea. Archie agrees.

I hope you get a piece of the sunshine today,
Happy Sewing

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's a nice day for sewing!

It is POURING down buckets of rain outside. So, for a change of pace, I thought I'd do a little sewing :)
Here is an answer to a question I got about my twist top, which I blogged about here.

Q: How far is the knot from the center front seam?The end result:
If you have a question about something I have sewn, feel free to email me. I split my time between two homes (and two sewing rooms!) so I might not always have the answer handy, but I will do my best! Also, my brain is like a sieve; just fyi. If I forget, just remind me (and accept my apologies for my forgetfulness)
I am really getting into sewing with knits.
Happy Sewing, y'all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's new?

New green shoes from Ma Petite Shoes and Chocolate. I am just lounging, relaxing and felt like sharing!
Also that is the Horn cabinet I scored from craigslist last month. It is working out beautifully with my Pfaff 1475. Dang I love that machine!
I sold the Bernina on eBay and I have a feeling that machine will get a new lease on life. I am a matchmaker for sewing machines. I can't seem to resist them.

And that shelf, if you don't mind I will brag on that- I made it and hung it up myself! I haven't decided if I want to paint it the same color as the walls or the woodwork.

Busy at work, not a lotta sewing... more to come.

happeeee sewing.

Friday, June 12, 2009

my latest "miracle" with knits

As has been established (in my household anyway) I am a miracle worker with knits.
*just kidding*
Here is what I sewed last weekend. I wore it several times this week, and let me tell you: This is a game changer! I am serious. This may be the only area where I actually can save money by sewing. This cost me about $10 to sew.
My sample (this little number below) cost $80 if I recall correctly. Hey, when you want a good fit and your shape deviates from the standard, well, you are going to shop in a high end specialty store and it will cost you.
Yes, I took it apart so I could make a pattern. I used a Kwik Sew pattern to help me determing grain lines and for the instructions. But I had to make my own pattern, to make sure it would fit. If I wanted to, I could sew this back together. All you have to do is butt the foam pieces together and re-attach the pieces with a zig-zag stitch. Once you cover the cup with the nice pretty stretchy fabric, those seams won't show. And yes, you can buy foam if that is your preference.
And here is the back. I actually copied the back from a different example (which I did NOT cut up- I just traced it onto paper). So my new version is a frankenpattern - my favorite kind of pattern!
I will be very honest - I cursed my way through this project. But it's only because the techniques were so new to me and I had to stop and think so much. I gave up on pinning and I basted every seam first. Still, it only took a few hours. I used a tutorial found on Sigrid's blog and that helped a lot.
The minute it was finished, and especially when it was so comfortable to wear, I rejoiced. I will need to buy a good thorough book and I am leaning towards this one by Beverly Johnson.
I have enjoyed this sewing - what a great challenge and wonderful results. But I am bashful to post much more than this.
OK back to stuff that is suitable for public consumption!
Happy sewing!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

When life gives you lemons ...

Make lemonade!

In order to respond to this lovely award, I jotted down a few ideas and how they pop into my thoughts on a daily basis.

Acceptance - Life is as it is. The shortcut to happiness is to accept things just as they are.

Boredom - Boredom is a glorious gift; a moment of rest before the next big deal. When I get bored, I stop to really enjoy it for a moment.
Time - I have some! Do I seem like a happy person to you? Well, it is because I have a good balanced life- with enough time for everything that is important.

Creativity - The best gift of all; it fuels me and propels me.

Love - Love is the super-glue that connects us.

Growth - No matter what happens, at the very least, it will be an opportunity for growth. And growth is vital to life

Acceptance - It comes back around to acceptance. It sounds like a Buddhist koan, but it is true: I have everything a person could want; I accept this.

Attitude of Gratitude - The Rules of Accepting and Sharing this Award
1. Put the logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate a few blogger's that show an attitude of gratitude
3. Link to your nominees within your post
4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award
5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award.
6. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude.
In life, sometimes the going gets tough. I've had my share of disappointment and grief. At those low moments, I extrapolated out into the future and I imagined life was not working out too well for me. But I was wrong.
I really had no idea of all the wonderful things that would happen. Like- the internet? Who could have dreamed that one up? I found my husband on the internet! And he is the perfect man for me.
Information technology (I mean, come on, who knew I would wind up with a job I love?? I thought I was some oddball creative sort who would never quite fit into the working world)
Being a mother - whoa. There is a young adult out there, and I gave birth to her, and I really like my child. I have completely passed the baton to her; to carry on and have fun. [Whew, lucky break on that one!]
Food - I love food. It tastes so good. :)
I could go on. And on.
Oh yeah, humor, I sure do love to poke fun at mostly everything possible.
So hmmm, you know it's hard to pick just a few blogs - I read a lot of them. SO I will just go with some impulses...
I got to meet Barbara in person a few weeks ago. That was fun! And I have also met the glamorous Cidell - we live in the same bee-yoo-tiful town. I love following her blog.
Eva is on my mind because she will have a baby soon, and she sewed an awesome maternity wardrobe.
Then there is stash, who's been quite busy lately, but I hope she'll have time to be online again soon.
And my friend in Vermont who is too lazy to blog (I have you figured out; you know who you are!)
I am really grateful for the sewing community. Thank you Ann, for sending this along, it has been a rewarding exercise to ponder this subject!!