Monday, December 31, 2007

A place to get comfortable

A couple weeks ago, DH told me "there is no place in this house where I can get comfortable".
Oooooh, well that is UNACCEPTABLE. Who knew? So we have been shopping for Laz-y-Boys.
Haven't seen anything we like yet, so I dragged this old friend up from the basement.
It is an unusually small, but very well made leather chair & ottoman that used to be in hid Mom's house. For some reason, I believe it was exposed to longterm storage and the leather is completely trashed. But, DH loves it.

So, I went over to G Street and picked up some interesting fabric that mimics the distressed leather. (A marked down silk remnant, really amazing fabric)

I whipped up some slipcover action and made a little roll pillow with the leftovers.
This is my little present to him.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The After-Holiday Holiday

I have a big 'ole mess in the house. Evidence of an active family.
There are Christmas presents everywhere, a well-cooked-in kitchen (read: covered in a slight film of grease and flour) and the pantry is bare.

On top of that, I painted my sewing room over the last 10 days. I used low-odor paint (Aura by Benjamin Moore- truly fantastic stuff) so it didn't bother anybody else.
But I am super sensitive to odors, I can't yet spend long periods of time in the room.

DH & kids have flown out to varying points west, visiting loved ones and I am left at home alone.

Gloriously alone.

Am I the only one one who loves time in my cave? Remember "Men are from Mars ...."? The author purported (metaphorically) that men retreat to caves while women wring their hands and beg for companionship.
Ummmm, not me. I treasure time to re-charge the batteries.

Only, I call it puttering. Or homemaking. I will make lists, refill the napkin holder, salt & pepper containers and replenish catfood. I will wash and clean this whole place. I will pack away Christmas decorations.
I will sip coffee and read blogs I like.
And I will restore my spirit.

I would post pics but the USB cord is lost somewhere is a teenager-ish mess.
Happy Holidays, All!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sewing With a Plan - 2008

January 1 is the start date of the annual Sewalong and I am getting ready.  The painting in my sewing nook is happening now, because I knew I'd be sewing a lot from Jan 1 til I finish. The rules allow two garments to be sewn prior to the first of January. I made these black pants in November.
The rest of my sewing plans revolve around the other garment I sewed prior to January 1, a skirt. This paisley brocade came from EmmaOneSock, a wonderful resource for special fabrics

That lilac wall will be white very soon!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

new sewing space ..............................

Welcome to my new blog! I won't be posting on LiveJournal anymore.

We've got a little creative upheaval going on here- I dismantled my sewing nook and painted primer on the walls.
I NEED clean white space for my projects.

Soon to come is better lighting, more elbow room and a Laz-y-Boy for DH. (He is more into spectator sewing)
Welcome to my new sewing space!