Sunday, August 25, 2013

small is smart

You know this, right? When I started quilting, I imagined jumping into the deep end and starting off with large quilts! But I promptly learned that small is smart. Until I build up more skills, big can be overwhelming, and small is better.

Each part of this quilt was fast and easy and it never became overwhelming.

This is the quilt back - I think I like it better than the front!
I learned how to improvise piecing from a free Craftsy Class
taught by Elizabeth Hartman, called Creative Quilt Backs.

The front is one large disappearing nine-patch block. I learned about that from a
MissouriQuiltCo. youtube tutorial called "Windowpane 9 Patch Quilt".
Who says surfing the internet is a waste of time? 

I think I just bought 1 yard of this.
The word "JUNGLE" got on my nerves (who knows why?!) so I trimmed that away.
With the remaining fabric, I cut 9 squares.
Bright green sashing strips between the squares formed one large 9 patch.
Then I cut into 4 squares, rotated them, inserted alphabet sashing and the top was finished.
Making a 36" square quilt is a piece of cake when this is your cutting table.
I don't think I ever showed you what I did to my cutting table - it's huge now!
[There is no excuse for that mess at the other end.]
The tools are still sitting around after weeks, maybe even months, since I enlarged my cutting table.
Eventually, I will hang up the shelves and put the tools away.
Now, I am off to do a little more laundry, and watch some TV and maybe do a little yoga. The weekends, they do slip by fast, don't they?

I hope you are having some fun.
Happy Sewing!


  1. The front is nice, but the back...ahhhh very calm! Your stitching is beautiful, well done!

    Do tell about your cutting table! :-)

    1. Thanks Pearl-

      I made the table wider - originally it was a hollow core door 36" x 80". I added another hollow core door that is 18" x 80".
      That makes the table 54 inches wide and 80 inches long.

  2. Ooooh, so basically a bit bigger than a double bed. Wow, that's amazing.

  3. So cute! I love the back of the quilt. The whole idea of quilting is a bit overwhelming to me, so I'm in awe of anyone who manages any amount of it!

  4. Very cool, Robin! I also really like the back. I like your modern aesthetic!

  5. I love the quilt back too. Very minimalist and gives the suggestion of a house in the middle of nowhere with a lake out front. ♥

  6. Nice quilt and colours. Yes I know what a mess on the working area is ;))))

  7. Robin I love it! Would love to see some close-ups of the quilting. What machine are you currently quilting on? (I could probably read back in your blog to find out). I too am starting small, making some small quilt tops right now to practice my machine quilting skills. I'm going to start out with my regular sewing machine, but eventually would like something with a bit larger harp.
    I truly love what you've done with the back of the quilt. You may have just sold another class for Craftsy!

    1. thanks! For quilting I have a HQ Sweet 16. It is a sit down mid-arm machine and super comfortable for free motion quilting on any size projects.

      For this project I used my regular SM because I wanted pale green thread on one side and pale blue on the other side (HQ uses different kind of thread and I only have basic colors)

      The quilting designs came from ideas I got from Angela Walters' Craftsy Class. I do love that Craftsy platform!

  8. Where do you get your fabrics? I tend to use organic cotton scraps I have from Please share your resources

  9. Where do you get your fabrics? I tend to use organic cotton scraps I have from Please share your resources

  10. I really like the backing on this too--very modern, just my style!

  11. Good move to remove the word jungle. it is distracting. The small floral is a nice match too.

  12. I can see that quilting is a major work of self expression. The back is spacious and unexpected and the front so very unique and colorful. Looks meditative to me.

  13. Wow, this is wonderful. These colors really speak to me, and the back of the quilt is so calming.

  14. Robin - - Love love love this quilt. So fresh and modern! I have been toying with the idea of "turning my (stitching) gaze" from fashion sewing to quilting for a bit (too many clothes in my closet!!). My dilemma is that I am not a huge fan of traditional quilt patterns - - soooo - now I have you to "thank" for my next sewing addiction!

    1. Thanks Laura! Nice to find another emerging quilter!


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