Saturday, August 17, 2013

a pattern for towel pants

If you really want to sew terrycloth pants, you can make your own pattern like I did. This topic is surprisingly popular, according to my blog statistics. When I posted about Howie's request for towel pants in February 2011, I did not include instructions for the pattern, so here is a quick visual.

These are often called One-Seam Pants. There are 2 basic approaches. In either case, you will need to cut two pieces and then place them right-sides-together and stitch as directed.






1. Buy a pattern and follow the instructions.
2. Done!

If you can look at these pictures and see how it works, you can do it. Measure the circumferences of waist, hips and legs. Determine the desired length. The top edge can be folded over to create a channel for elastic insertion.

Also, if it turns out terrible the first time, you will learn from your mistakes and laugh a lot. This is a great activity when you or your spouse are bored. I would imagine you can do this with children, too.
The spouse may not understand the nature of the fun, but if you persist, I promise you a good time.

This was a public service announcement for all you lovely readers who have read that post, sent me questions and, well, just admired those towel pants!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I am familiar with one-seam pants, but did you call these towel pants because you used terrycloth? I had not heard that term before!

    1. LOL, yes, I wrote a post about sewing "towel pants" for Howie and I used terrycloth.

  2. Just paid to go to a class for these !!! thank you though !! lol


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