Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a little career change

Vogue Patterns magazine - my new home
Today is the first day of my new job as Editor of Vogue Patterns magazine (VPM).

Finally I can tell you what has been going on with me since mid-April.  It is a great story and I will never tire of sharing how I opened an email one day, from a reader of my blog, that changed my life. This reader, the publisher of Vogue Patterns magazine, complimented my writing, blog content and posting consistency and wondered if I might discuss a New York City-based position. In utter disbelief, I read the email to my husband and we both stared at the laptop with dropped jaws.

My first thought was that of course, I simply had to meet this person and discuss the position. If nothing else, wouldn't it make a great story to tell? Honestly, I kept thinking it was a practical joke or, a case of mistaken identity, but I was determined to go through with the meeting and regale my friends with the story, once I knew the punch line. At the very most, I thought I might become a contributor to the magazine.

Friends, it was not a joke. As I spoke with the publisher, I came to understand that this was the real deal. My background and qualifications were not just adequate, but appropriate in light of the long term vision held by the publisher.

The next steps were many day trips to New York, one of which resulted in the photograph you see above.  I had a list of things to learn, like how to use the subway and where to rent a small apartment.  No big deal, right?! But you know what? People come to New York every day, to pursue educations and careers and dreams, and there is room for me in New York, too.

For now, my beloved little blog is going on hiatus. I am settled in the city and I am just starting the climb up the steep learning curve of my new job. In every direction, I encounter support and encouragement. Perhaps that love and support is the most meaningful thing of all  I am very grateful to my husband, family and friends.

Before I get too misty-eyed on you, I will sign off, for now. When the time is right, I will be back online enjoying more interaction with you, the sewing community. You will find me here, at the McCall Company. In the meantime, renew those subscriptions and I will see you in print!

Happy Sewing!

August 3, 2012 Update:   The adventure came to an end sooner that I imagined, but that's OK.  It was worth it!