Sunday, October 21, 2012

hula hoop!

I have wanted to find a hula hooping class for a long time, and it was very exciting to give it a try.  The nice person from Chic Physique provided tips to get me going. They have a lot of other exciting classes, too!

Happy Autumn!


  1. Awesome!! Excellent movie! That is the most fun ever. I'm glad you showed us and inspired us with this.

  2. Yay! Great job! Hula hoops are my stress relief. I love the weighted ones.

  3. This video is great and what an exciting way to exercise. Very inspiring Robin!

  4. It's all in the hips. I've been hooping since they came out when I was about 7 years old.

    1. good to hear, I will definitely be adding hooping to my life!

  5. Success! I was swaying along with you, trying to keep it going. I have fond memories of these from childhood. Elle

  6. I think it's wonderful. Keep it going! I see your photographer is as good as mine is, lol.


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