Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hey, it's Gratuitous Pic of Yourself Wednesday!

awesome image manipulation, yes? (ha ha, no)

If I had photoshop skills I would have put makeup on myself, which is a little sad because I was convinced I was wearing makeup. The exciting news in my world is that I signed up for a Photoshop Bootcamp class this weekend and I will be learning how to use CS6. That makes me feel very fancy, AND, I am migrating my blog to my own domain soon! I am moving to Wordpress and my new location will be www alittlesewing dot com, but the launch isn't ready quite yet.
OK - gotta run - a super busy day today, but HI!

and happy sewing


  1. Very nice! Claudine

  2. Exciting news, Robin! Your smile is the best makeup in the world. Cute outfit.

  3. Cute outfit. Have fun at the bootcamp.

  4. Stylish look for you - casual and cute - leggings and dress are good together.

  5. It's styling like this that could convince me to make a simple dress - LOVE the look you've created!

  6. You look great! Have fun at the bootcamp!

  7. Congratulations on making the move to your own domain.

  8. I'm excited to see your new blog! I tell ya - you are going to have SO MUCH FUN with Photoshop. It is genius software. Combine that with your creative mind and who knows what will happen? I love your gratuitous shot. The jacket and leggings make this so fun.

  9. Replies
    1. just wait til I learn Photoshop!
      ha ha - just kidding.

      seriously - THANK YOU!!

  10. You are looking very chic with your denim jacket, flats and the entire ensemble. Your new projects sound exciting and energizing. There's nothing like new learning! It sounds like your blog is going to become even more fabulous!

  11. Jilly is right - great style. I've bought leggings but have not figured out how to actually wear them on my body.

    So interested in hearing about your photo shop experience. I keep trying photoshop but don't have the patience to become proficient. Maybe a class...


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