Tuesday, October 16, 2012

burda 06-2008-129 pretty dress

It's that time of year, when I happily set aside my own sewing to collaborate on a costume for m'dear daughter. This year the look is Cleopatra and the pattern is burda style 06-2008-129. If anyone wonders who these patterns are sized for, my daughter seems to be their target market, because I can sew a size 46 straight out of the envelope with no alterations for her. Here is what we chose:

from the June 2008 issue
A few notes of interest: this dress is cut entirely on the bias, so single layer cutting is necessary. It calls for well over 4 yards of fabric. Momma bought ~2 yards before knowing how it would be used, so know that you can add a center back seam and piece one of the back pieces, skip the godets and squeak by. Dear daughter intends to style it with lots of gold and suggested the sheer gold godets.  What's Halloween without a little tacky?
half sewn - half pinned so that the bias pieces can hang before sewing.
I splurged on Home Dec cording just because I loved it, and never have enough time to shop around for better prices.
However, it must be said that Michael always charges a little less than another fabric store might.  And I know it's not just special treatment for me, I think he is like the bartender who slips a free drink to steady customers, kwim?
Who knows how DD will style it, I just threw it on. 
love the cording for the gathered shoulder seams!
and here is the sheer gold fabric for the godets - got a great price on the end of bolt at G Street Fabrics.
You know, that place is a mystery to me.  I go in there so often that the long time employees always great me with a smile.  But then there are others who are just downright arrogant, and/or mean. What is up with that?
By now, G Street is like a second home to me and when I encounter that attitude, I just give it right back.
But seriously, why?  The selection for apparel sewing seems to decline a little more every year and it is sad.
as always, burda seems to be ahead of trends. I am sure I flipped right past this spread in 2008, but is looks pretty current now, doesn't it? I'd wear that yellow necklace towards the center of the page! Love it!

And here are two version of #129 sewn up - with cap sleeve on the version on the right. The godets aren't even noticeable, are they? And I predict the underbust gathering (looks a little low to me, but whatever) will look just like that on DD, too, but she can style it up with lots of jewels and whatnot if she desires a closer fit.

I hope my coat mojo comes back when I finish this dress.  That mess with unsuccessful muslin mockups really dampened my spirits. But, if am nothing if not determined! I ordered a batch of heavy-weight muslin (CL-MH Muslin, Heavy Weight, #315, 40-50" wide) from Steinlauf and Stoller last week. It arrived the very next day. When I call them, they are brisk, so I am, too. I give them the product number, yardage, credit card number and address and we are done. I admit I don't even ask the price or shipping costs, because they just seem too busy for any dithering. That is fine, I have always been happy with their prices and the insanely speedy service. I had my muslin within 24 hours.

Oh - one more thing! You know, I get the loveliest emails from readers and I especially appreciate hearing from locals. I tend to reply with the best of intention, agreeing to drop you a line next time I am headed to G Street so we can meet up and hang out. Then, when the time comes, I find myself in a time crunch and off I go, hoping to dash in and out and get back home to the sewing room. I really do want to meet up! I need local friends! Between the job in Baltimore and the home in the DC area, it can be hard to build up a network of local friends. We will do it. One day I will manage my time better and make the contact and we will get together! Til then, thank you for your patience!

And to my buds in the blogosphere, xoxo!!
More to come...


  1. I don't think that looks tacky at all -- it's gorgeous. Love the cord!

  2. What a great mom you are! A costume cut on the bias, incredible!!! Adopt me....pleeeease!!!!!

  3. What a great Mom! ... and beautiful costume!

  4. Halloween costumes are so much fun! Your daughter is going to make a gorgeous Cleopatra!

  5. I love the costume for your daughter. I also agree with you about G Street fabrics. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and I felt like I was looking at fabrics that have been there for three years. It's very sad. I remember it when it rivaled the NY stores -- no more.


  6. The costume looks like it will be great. I'm in the midst of making my 12 yo daughter a cheshire cat costume. I got it started last weekend, but have come down with a cold. I think the sewing will be fine, but it also involves fabric paint on fleece and I'm a little scared about that. I really like the annual Halloween costume and couldn't imagine buying something ready made. Please take a photo of DD in the dress for us to see after it is complete.

  7. How stunning does that dress look. It is way to beautiful to call a costume. Lovely.

  8. She will look ready for a Cecil B Demille classic . Its lovely .

  9. I love your daughter's costume. She'll look great in it no matter how she styles it.

  10. Ooh, this is going to be gorgeous!

  11. Wow. Great minds think alike: http://lifeisexamined.blogspot.com/2012/10/vadcmd-blogger-meet-up-anyone.html Until reminded, I forgot you lived in the area. Let me know what you think, ok?

  12. I just like the word "godets:)."

  13. This is great! It's going to look fabulous, though that is a lot of bias cutting! Will you post a pic w/it on her, I think I might end up doing this for me next year:)
    btw: I have a new sewing blog, I'd love it if you would pass by and check it out. Trying to get the word out to fellow sewers and bloggers I love! ;)

  14. Gorgeous dress! Can't wait to see the finished product. How exciting:)


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