Friday, August 31, 2012

engineers are people, too

A little off-topic, OK - totally off topic.  My husband had insomnia one night and wrote a song.  He is not just a plain song-writer, which would be wonderful enough; he uses advanced tools to achieve his vision.  If you can spare a few minute to watch, you will get a sense of his true talent.  He did this for his staff at work, where I think he might be kind of a big deal.

You can see why I love him, right?


  1. No wonder you love this guy - I love this song! I'll refrain from throwing my undergarments at this man - he is your husband after all - but perhaps a lovely handknit winter mitten would do? I like the disclaimer at the end as well, but he failed to mention if any manufacturing engineers were harmed during the making of this music video. This is not "off topic," there is no such thing! VERY cool post.

    1. Melanie, I appreciate your restraint. Mittens are OK.
      He appreciates your appreciation.

  2. Hilarious! Yes, he's a gem--


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