Friday, April 6, 2012

SWAP countdown

I intend to complete the eleven garments that qualify for the SWAP contest on Stitchers Guild.  You may recall the rules:
Choose any seven garments from the list.  From those seven, choose four to make twice for a total of 11 garments that will work together:

Button-up Shirt with collar: previously sewn white shirt (1)
Blouse [has a closure, collar optional]
T-Shirt [knit topAlice tops, Cowl tops (2)
Trousers: Linda Pants (2)
Shorts or Capri Pants
Skirt: Susan skirt (1)
Jacket: Abby cardi (2)
Overcoat or Raincoat
Bathing Suit and Coverup

8 down and 3 to go, as of April 6:

Photos on Flickr: Abby cardigan
Thinking about.....
  • Need to add 2 more unique items, what should I sew?
    1. a little black dress in lightweight cotton voile - shirtwaist style inspired by Sunni 
    2. how about some shorts or capris for summer- it would be fast and easy to sew 2 pairs.
    3. I want to sew Style Arc's new Robin Top as soon as it arrives - in white cotton pique
    4. jeans
  • I could sew a 2nd skirt (in black, of course)
    • Can add one more item that was sewn prior to January 1. 
    • There are 4 more weekends in April.   
    • I can do it.


    1. Good Job! I like your flickr slideshows, too. Those outfits look Great on you - you chose the styles and fabrics very well.

      I'm working on my own version of SWAP, trying to sew up a more co-ordinated wardrobe.

      I FINALLY figured out how I want to work a color palette for my wardrobe -

      My BASIC color palette is:

      Light Grey
      Teal (bluish green - subdued, not bright)
      Blue Denim

      The core pieces in my wardrobe are to be in the above listed 5 colors. (I'm still working on this and will be, for some time.)

      However, this doesn’t limit me to just those colors, but now I know that when I shop, any colors I choose should go well with my basic palette.

      For example, a bright orange scarf looks nice with my black pants, grey top, and teal jacket.

      Another example - A light olive green blazer looks nice with a black skirt, burgundy top and grey converse sneakers.

      This is a work in progress, because it just recently *clicked* for me. But it feels good to have a kind of plan, instead of buying fabric or clothes willy-nilly.

      1. Chris, I love that idea. I struggled with whether or how to incorporate a color palette.
        As I sew on, after participation on the official SWAP, I think I will be shifting towards the concept you've described.
        And my colors will probably be black, white, and specific brights.
        But the way you plan to combine colors sounds smart & do-able.

      2. Yes - I struggled with the color palette idea for a long time. It felt so limiting. Once I realized my BASIC colors are an ANCHOR, not a limitation, it sort of fell into place for me.

        I decided on using 5 basic colors. So, I could keep that much in my head while shopping. Then I had to figure out what these colors should be. I just looked at the clothes that I wear the MOST from my closet, and the colors pretty much identified themselves.

        It doesn't have to be forever. Who knows, maybe next year the 'Basic 5' will shift some. Right now, though, I feel less confused about what I still need to sew for a more usable wardrobe.

        :-) Chris

      3. Yes! An anchor, NOT a limitation.

    2. Yes you can do it! It's just three garments and I found that at the end when I was pushing myself that I got the most creative. I AM SURE that the same will happen with you!

      1. thank you Carolyn, that is what I need to hear!!

    3. I vote for
      capris that will go with the alice top (& cardigan?)
      robin top that will go with susan skirt and linda pants
      I'm looking forward to seeing what you sew up

      1. I know! Capris would be so great if I can find appropriate fabric in my stash.

    4. This is such a smart way to sew! This year I have just sewn whatever strikes my fancy but I intend to do the SWAP on the next go around. The capris are cute and I bet you'd get a lot of wear with them, but the little black dress.......what would we do without it! Look forward to seeing what you decide to do.


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