Thursday, March 8, 2012

Design Challenge in Portland

In February, a local television station (KATU's AM Northwest) ran a design challenge.  You already know this if you get Palmer/Pletsch newsletters.


You can read more and watch the rest of the episodes on KATU's website here.

Also in the newsletter were contest winners - first prize went to The Mahogany Sewist - Cennetta Burwell.
Stunning work Cennetta, kudos to you!

Ready for the weekend?  I sure am!

ps THANK YOU to Sarah at Goodbye Valentino and Pauline at P's Thrifty Sewing Blog for awarding me the Versatile Blogger award.  It's so hard to pick only a few blogs to nominate that I would rather not.  I do, however, appreciate your blogs and all the new blogs I am finding when I check your blog rolls.  Recognition from you means more than you can imagine.  THANK YOU!!

So - the design challenge tv show - what do you think?  I only saw the first episode (above) but it looked pretty interesting.  I like that one of the contestants is old enough to have adult children and she went back to college.  I look forward to seeing what all of them accomplish!


  1. I've seen Cennetta's jacket--it is beyond stunning!

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  3. Oops! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. congratulations, Cennetta, you deserve the recognition!

  4. Hey! I just heard about this. Congrats to Cennetta. I haven't seen any of it but heard from my step-mom about the winner- she used to be one of my teachers in JUNIOR HIGH!!! AND my parents bought their house from she and her husband about 20 years ago. SMALL world. Now i'm going on line to see if I can find the show on you tube or something.

  5. I really enjoyed watching the video. Thanks,Robin.

    Congratulations to Cenetta too! That jacket is a stunner and such perfection!

    1. Bunny, the contestants are all so talented, aren't they? I watched all of the episodes in one sitting and I was impressed.


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