Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Image Magazine Spring/Summer 2012: Dress M1202

The Spring /Summer 2012 issue of My Image Magazine showed up and I was tired of sewing with a plan, so I sewed something random.

I used this dress pattern (M1202) to sew a workout tunic.

I thought the line drawing looked sporty.

1st version on the left, 2nd version on the right.  Can you tell the difference?
As per my usual behavior, the slight fit imperfection annoyed me, so I made a full bust adjustment and sewed a second version.  This pattern stitches up VERY fast.  The neckline & armscye have not yet been finished off on this photo.

The low neckline in the back is nice for a dress but I needed a higher neckline for a workout top.  As drafted, the neckline is just high enough to allow wearing a regular bra, by the way.
I really wasn't sure if I liked it, but my husband and my daughter both gave it a thumbs up, so I wore to work out (with unfinished edges!) Now that the top has passed muster, I guess I will go ahead and bind the edges.  I like a nice long top to keep my midriff covered.  If I wear it with my bike shorts,  it feels downright modest but cool & comfortable.

This is the second My Image pattern I've sewn (see the cowl neck top here) and I find the cut to fit me better than the Big 4 pattern companies.  It didn't take much to get the shoulders to fit.

Most of the styles are really too young for me, but I like this pattern magazine and hope they prosper.
Happy Sewing!


  1. Good job with the modifications to make a nice fitting top!

  2. Looks great, Robin, and your improvements really show.

  3. great improvement. Though it was not very noticeable on black it looks much more professional

  4. I admire your patience and perseverance for perfection. the second version looks so much better. Many things to learn from you and your approach. Thank you.

  5. Where do you get the My Image magazine - or have you subscribed?

  6. I see that you can buy it at their website:


  7. Great idea for a workout top!! I just saw the dress, but not the exercise potential. thanks! :)


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