Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bengaline fabric direct from Australia!

Imagine a country in a parallel universe I find Australia fascinating for reasons large and small.  We are in different hemispheres, which has blown my mind since grade school when I learned that the water swirls in different directions and our seasons are the opposite. We are on different sides of the globe, so while Aussies might reasonably travel to Hong Kong or Bali, we in the US might make it as far as Hawaii or Europe.  Heck, I never left the US until I was 45 years old, so understand that for me to have a provincial perspective would not be out of the question.

Bigger reasons to be fascinated by Australia have to do with the history and the way the social structures, the culture and the economy have evolved.  We have so much in common, but so much is different in the way our countries have evolved.  While Americans and Australians both have many citizens who originated in England, look at how differently we have evolved.  Isn't that a fascinating study in and of itself?  Of course, I could can ramble on about all the people in our respective countries who do NOT trace their ancestry to England (like me, for example).  There are a lot more worms in that can, eh?
My overall point is that until the internet came along, Australia was too far removed from my day-to-day life to think about.  Now, Australia and NZ seem like places I really should visit if I can fill the piggy bank adequately.

It's not just Australia.  The internet gives me the opportunity to meet people and make friends with folks  who didn't grow up the way I did, and I love that.  I just love it.

Globalization makes us all neighbors and it is pretty exciting to this member of the human race.

On to the important things!
Now this is what I'm talkin' about -
From the land down under come these goodies:

I am so glad I was home when the mailman came because it made my day!


  1. Turning a serious shade of envy green here! Karen

  2. How funny - I buy most of my patterns and fabric from the US and ship them to Australia - it really is a parallel world!

    I am interested in where you ordered your bengaline? I might actually order some fabric from Australia!

  3. Hey BeaJay, I got it as a a free gift for joining the Pattern Club at StyleArc Patterns in Oz. I did not order it - just got lucky!

    Robin (alittlesewing)

  4. Robin, I ordered stretch bengaline from JoAnne's here in the states for my Linda pants, but they had nowhere near that much stretch. Maybe that's why my Linda's were too small! I should order some from Australia.

  5. Oh this post makes me proud to be an Aussie. But we are not a paralel universe or an outpost on the other side of the planet. At present we are one of the world's best performing economies and a country full of inventive and talented people. We also have a great universal health care system which is something the yanks have not managed. So expect good service from us!

  6. Gail, you should be proud to be an Aussie. I am thrilled that the internet provides us with communication.

    I would have never even known about StyleArc patterns if not for the internet. But come on, Australia and the US are far away from each other, that is a fact!

  7. I have several Style Arc patterns, but was unable to find the stretch bengaline. Wish there was on on line retailer from Australia that would ship to the US. Does anyone know of any?


  8. Thanks to you I now know there is a fabric called Bengaline! Interesting. Hope you will share the name of the shop

  9. Can't wait to see what you make of this fabric. Here, there is only non-stretch bengaline, of a nasty polyester variety that is useful only for church banners and 1980s home dec draperies.

  10. what Gail said! I bought some bengaline a while ago to test i tbut it sits in the stash alas :(

  11. To Gail and Vicki, I read and re-read my post to see how I may have somehow offended Aussies. The only thing I can imagine is that I am somehow so provincial that I don't even know it when I am being close-minded.

    I edited my post to make it as clear as possible that I admire Australia and New Zealand.

  12. Robin, you should read "In a Sunburned Country" by Bill Bryson. He's the funniest travel writer in the world, and you learn a lot about Austrailia while laughing your way through the pages.

  13. Carole, thanks for the recommendation! I just ordered a copy.

  14. Australia is a long way from most places... and within Australia, everywhere is a long way from somewhere, its a big open country.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog... thanks for sharing your talents.

  15. I think you could say that my entire adult life has been shaped by the internet... I carried on with my now-husband for two and a half years via email and msn chatting and skype, and now that I live down under with him and our daughter, I keep up with the US the same way... If I had to wait to get news and fashion and etc the old way, I can't imagine how isolated I'd feel... I just can't imagine my life without the internets... ;)

    Coool fabric! I love the weirdo weaves I can find here sometimes.

  16. I second what Gail says. The universal healthcare system here is a really great example to the rest of the world. Really.

  17. Hi Robin,

    Just wanted to say you didn't offend me at all with your original post - I loved it and it made me laugh! I am fascinated by the USA. I went there briefly in 1987 (so long ago now) and would love to go back some time.

  18. us aussies are pretty awesome people...

    it's always nice to know that someone notices us.

    I'm always fascinated by our television viewing habits - there's such a divide between english comedy and american comedy ...

  19. Howdy from down under! I think you may find that the water swirl thing isn't true. And that Aussie episode of the Simpsons doesn't help to dispell it!
    Love your blog btw....

  20. *gasp* Amy, no!
    Next thing you will tell me is that our seasons are the same. Don't take that away from me!

    sparklesness - I confess I don't always understand British comedy but some of my friends love it.
    I sure do like Masterpiece Theatre, though.

    I will travel to Australia some day. My husband likes to watch motorcycle races and we see them broadcast from OZ (among other cities around the world, including Moscow this year)

    1. Make sure you drop into NZ and say hi!

      Since you mentioned seasons... I have to mention that our weather systems rotate the opposite way - a High turns anti-clockwise and a Low turns clockwise down here, and so do tornadoes, not that we get many!

    2. Sherry, you just gave me another good reason to make the trip!

    3. There are more (reasons): an entire country full! :-)

      Just do yourself a favour: don't go for weeks on ends through our 'red centre' since you can well and truly get 'out back' experience here within 500 km from even every big city.

      And please be aware: we're a bit 'Croc. Dundee style', alas not 110 % (as he's portraying us ;-) and it even helps us to get through life a bit better.

      Yet, our biggest sightseeing attractions are landscape of aaaall sorts (incl. water) and our myriad of 'characters' dealing with the tough fore mentioned: land; its shape and weather.

      See you one day; till then


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