Friday, January 27, 2012

Vogue Patterns - Spring 2012

Here are my picks.  If the magic time machine is invented, I'd like 36 hours a day, please, so I can sew all these lovely patterns!

First up is this perfect-for-me jacket by Anne Klein.  Those princess shaping seams provide a beautiful cut to suit my narrow back torso and mature front side.  I love that collar, too.  That little angle at the bottom of the center front pleases me.
This pattern is rated difficult, and I am not surprised.  It would be worth the effort.
Next, here is an easy-going dress by Donna Karan New York.  The cap sleeves give visual width to the shoulder line and the shoulder seams look easy to alter.  The high and tight back neckline wards off chilled air conditioning. All that draping at the shoulder and skirt give a little Grecian flair, and the wrap-around pockets add interest to the back.

I especially like this next pattern because it includes three interesting pieces, or four, if you consider the dress can be shortened into a top.  [The pants are just garden variety pants].
  • The jacket's fit-friendly princess seams integrate with the collar in an interesting way.  I like the casual effect of the ruched sleeves contrasted with a bodice that might otherwise be formal.  The jacket looks cute styled with the narrow belt, too.  
  • The skirt is right up my alley with those vertical seams in the front (slimming) and back.  The little kick pleat in the back is sexy.  
  • And the dress!  That shaping would be great for my back, especially under the shoulder blades where I am narrow.  For me, this pattern is a winner.  

And what is this?
cute handbags!

This is the first time I can recall seeing handbag patterns that I like!  I just don't usually find them to look as good as what's available in the stores, but then I have not been liking handbag styles very much for the last few years.  They have gotten too big for my taste.  It's a weight thing.  I just don't want to carry around a duffle bag, because it will fill up with things that don't need to be dragged everywhere.
These bags are sized just right: not too big and not too small.  And both are styles I would carry.
 There's more!  I found a lot to like in the Spring 2012 Vogue patterns.  This is a perfect cool top for a hot day.  I'd sew this in seersucker, linen or cotton.  I always like the cap sleeve silhouette.

And finally, the most gorgeous dress I've seen in a while.  It is modest enough for me, because I could work out that armpit area for the right coverage.  The beautiful wide straps even provide space for subtle shoulder pads (every little bit helps when it comes to enlarging the shoulder line).  The V neckline in the back is a nice surprise and the asymmetrical draping into the center back seam is so pretty.  I like gentle folds of fabric in the front to skim the body.  Maybe I *will* sew this one up.  My sister is getting married in June and that will give me a nice occasion to dress up.  I love it, can you tell?

OK, back to planning my sewing. I am a little behind in my production of garments for the SWAP 2012, but if I bang out some knit tops or other easy patterns, I can stay in the game.

OK- Friday is here!
That is a good thing here,
Happy Sewing!


  1. I really like the Vogue Wardrobe and the Donna Karan dress you showed...and I purchased both of them yesterday from Club BMV but I wasn't as in love with the collection as many others were.

  2. Wonderful choices! You'd look sensational in all of them.

  3. What gorgeous patterns! I especially love the last Donna Karan one you showed, a distinctive silhouette she re-invents over and over, yes?

  4. I agree about the princess line jacket being flattering. That kind of style is coming up soon on my sewing list, too.!


  5. Will people stop showing me that Ann Klein pattern. I am likely to break my no new patterns in 2012 vow. and I missed the DKNY dress when I had a peak.

  6. Great patterns. And spring sewing - you probably can't wait to get started!

  7. I love the DKNY dress! I may have to make that one...

  8. I love teh DKNY dress too, I love quite a few of the new Vogues this season.

  9. Where did you find the cap sleeve top?


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