Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sewing With A Plan 2012- I need a catchy name

What should I call my SWAP?  It has been four years since I sewed Downtown Date and I am ready to SWAP again.  In 2008, I was a new convert to Bernina My Label pattern-making software, which had produced many well-fitting patterns for me, including a gored skirt.  I sewed a long version and a short version that year.

Because the 2012 SWAP focuses on tried-and-true patterns,  I am off to a good start by using that gored skirt pattern for my first garment:  

I deliberately cut this with a close fit, because this lightweight wool suiting fabric contains lycra and it will stretch.
(It is not pressed yet, so please imagine it looking much smoother, thank you!)

I modified the pattern by narrowing the gores almost to the point of being a narrow pencil skirt, but with a slight flare at the hem.   I also drafted a yoke to minimize any bulk around the waist area.  

The back wasn't quite smooth enough, so I made a 2-piece yoke to deal with a slight sway-back alteration:

It's time to install the zipper in the center back seam.
Life has kept me hopping busy for more than a month now.  It's becoming obvious that I must adapt to sewing in thirty-minute-chunks.  

Sewing in thirty-minute-chunks is better than nothing, right?   
I'm just putting it out there: Universe, feel free to lighten up, OK?  
I miss my sewing machine.  I would love more quality time in the sewing room!!
I do like how the skirt is shaping up, so patience, m'dear, patience!
The color is very warm in the photos above.  In real life, I think it's a cooler shade of tan.
Below is a photo taken a few weeks back, in different lighting:
 * boot love *
As far as a name for my 2012 SWAP goes, it seems like "Downtown Date" is still the theme.  My lifestyle hasn't changed since then.  The goal is a variety of garments designed for leisurely museum visits, concerts, restaurants and all those good things.  Of course, I wear the same clothes to work, but you have seen my cubicle.  That is not the most glamorous place, is it?  ha!  
Let's just stick with a more romantic version of my wardrobe requirements.  

Hey, have I thanked you lately?  Well, I should.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.
I really enjoy your comments, opinions and feedback!! 

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Happy New Year!


  1. "Universe, feel free to lighten up, OK?"
    I love that :)

    You may have done it for fitting reasons but I think I really like the look of the 2 piece yoke for this skirt!

  2. I like the double yoke as well -- definitely looks like a style element!

  3. You are off to a great start. i like the double yoke on the skirt.

  4. I love the name Date Nite. I like the double yoke. I never thought about using a yoke to reduce bulk. Good idea.

  5. Love the style of the skirt with your modifications! I am with you - more time with the sm is definitely in order.

  6. I am glad the double yoke is going over well! It was needed for fit reasons, so I am glad it looks like a design feature :)

    Towanda, Date Nite would be pushing it a bit. Daytime Date is more like it! ha.

  7. "Ditto" on the double yoke (Double Yoke SWAP?) You could color block yokes, too, on skirts, pants, shirts, jackets. Hmm. I may borrow this idea. Full credit will be given, although a check for use of your intellectual property will NOT be in the mail.

  8. Lovely skirt!

    How about Espresso Royal for the title? (It is the name of a certain cafe that I am no longer near to...)

  9. How about "Downtown Urbanista"? "Downtown Date Night 2012"? or "A Day in the Life"...that's all I can think of right now.

  10. Pretty skirt! I love how the gores kind of disappear into the seams.

  11. I missed seeing the jacket finished and it looks wonderful. I love it with the tan skirt and brown boots. A great date night or work outfit. I do like a bit of sparkle.

  12. Your skirt is looking really good and the jacket is great.

  13. Looks like a great start to your SWAP. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  14. Really like your skirt and very interested in the double yoke.

  15. I love your skirt Robin.I have found that sewing in 30 minute chunks worked for me when I didn't think I had time for me - slow is still progress!
    Looking forward to seeing this finished.

  16. Love your blog, love your boots, I'm a lurker, just saying hi, and THANK YOU.

  17. As I envy your Fry boots I think your swap should be named "Boot Love". Of course boots must be an option for every outfit in the SAWP. Whudda ya think?
    Love the jacket and the double yoke!

  18. Never thought of teaming camel with navy before. It is a subtle and stylish colour combo.


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