Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GPOYW - December 14, 2011

Gratuitous Post of Yourself Wednesday

I am wearing nothing sewn by me except my gray coat.

turtleneck - purchased from a small shop going out of business
cardigan - "perfect cardigan" in ruby by J.Jill
skirt - Royal Robbins Discovery Skirt from REI  
heather gray leggings - with wool socks (nice and warm)
boots - Jane Tall Cuff by Frye in Taupe soft pebbled grain

Amusingly, the skirt fits me very well but that is because I am not wearing it as the designer intended:
The Royal Robbin Discovery Skirt is designed to ride low on the waist and hit below the knee.   
Between my age-appropriate waistline and extra height, it sits at my waist and hits me at knee length. The fabric has a little lycra, resists wrinkles and features lots of pockets.  REI had an end-of-season sale I was killing time while DH shopped.  What a happy surprise - this is a great skirt!

Everyone feeling OK?  I've been knocked back with a nasty cold and operating only at bare minimum levels.  You know - it freaked me out at first because "I have so much to prepare for Christmas!"  But when the cold lingered, so I started coming up with work-around plans.  My goodness, I love this! 

I am not sewing any Christmas presents; all gifts have been purchased online directly from the online wishlists of the recipients; a 2-foot tree is on top of a table, and a wreath is on the front door.  That's it! I am even looking into having a cleaning crew come in to clean the house.  We usually do all of our own cleaning, but DH is a little under the weather, too.  And Christmas day celebrations have been scaled back to simple get-togethers with immediate family.

I daresay this could become a tradition.  I know it is harder when your children are small, but simplifying is my gift to myself this year.
Hope you are well, and hope I am back in the sewing room soon.


  1. I remember your coat - it was such a cutie!

  2. I applaud your (non) efforts. There is a real virtue in knowing what to do yourself and knowing what to do for yourself. In this case, not having to go overboard at christmas, and not having to wear everything made by yourself gives you the ease to enjoy what you do have.

    Fortunately, my husband is from a non-christian background so we haven't celebrated the holiday for years. Now our son is old enough to understand the idea of presents we are introducing a few family traditions but the focus will be very much on togetherness and not a big performance or greedfest!

    Herakeja! That's the word verification. It's right with you on this.

  3. Our holiday decorating has been greatly simplified over the past few years. I love it! I do miss the big family get togethers and all the cooking and such but now my DDs have taken up this duty and are doing a great job at it. Yes, this is a nice stage of life!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I have the beginnings of a cold. It feels like it is going to be a horrible one, too. Luckily, all that is really left is to wrap the presents. We decorated over Thanksgiving weekend. I'm glad you are simplifying. Hopefully the stress relief from that alone will help you recover!

  5. Hope you're feeling much better very soon!

  6. I really like the skirt. I have to say that I do a lot of my ready-made shopping at REI. (My husband works there so I have a double incentive with an employee discount.) There is more than hiking gear if you look.
    I have not started my Christmas decorations or preparation. I guess I will be doing less, as well.


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