Friday, December 30, 2011

get ready to rumble!

It is not often that I lack the will to finish a project, but this is where I am.  I still haven't put the lining into the blue sparkly jacket (even though it will not take long at all).   I shifted gears to a quick skirt that I'll wear with the blue sparkly jacket, and I traced off this pattern from 12-2008 Burda magazine.
There are some very cute versions on
I tissue-fitted on my dress form.  The alterations are shown in blue pencil:
I traced a size 46, changed the placement & depth of the darts, and re-drew the side seam to fit me.
When I sat back and looked at it on the dress form, I had to accept the facts:  it flared out at the widest point of my hips; it was going to look dumpy on me because I am tall and long in the torso.  The design would work by changing the proportions; by lengthening the upper part and shortening the flared bottom piece.

As I contemplated, my head started to reject any form of logical thinking.  It was like a computer getting hung-up. I knew the truth:  I lack the experience to perform the adjustment.  I read through Adele P. Margolis' book Make Your Own Dress Patterns (I cannot recommend this book highly enough) but I could not see a clear path to success.

So!  I pulled out my TNT gored skirt pattern.  It needs just a little tweaking to get that mermaid-esque shape I am going for.  I should have a new tan-colored skirt very soon.

This is my TNT gored skirt from Bernina My Label software

Enough already with the dozing mojo.  Being sick earlier this month, and then celebrating the holidays has completely disrupted my normal sewing routine.  Right now I need to Just Do It, as the Nike advertisements suggest.  This blog post is my commitment to Just Do It and get back into sewing already!

Happy Holidays everyone and tell me how inspired you are and ready to sew up a storm, OK?
I am participating in the Sewing With A Plan SWAP 2012, so these garments count.
Are we ready to rumble?!


  1. I have made this skirt and so I was really interested to read about your adjustments - I notice on your original trace off you changed the hip line on it and that is really important - the flared parts don't sit properly if the hip is out of alignment. Look forward to seeing what you do with this!

    I love the idea of the SWAP - making tried and trues - and it was the ideas from the Collette sewing book that I really took to heart - however, the 7 pieces might be a bit restrictive to me and I haven't got the vision to co-ordinate all those from the beginning.

    So I will enjoy doing a little armchair sewing with you.

  2. How funny that I am wearing THE EXACT BURDA SKIRT today! I think the flair must depend on your fabric choice. Mine is made out of a medium weight wool and it has only the tiniest of flair at the bottom. It's one of my very favorite wardrobe staples. Anyway, I hope you don't give up on it because it really is a unique and flattering pattern!

  3. I am SO ready to rumble!! For Christmas I received two kitchen base cabinets with drawers & am so excited because they are going to become my NEW big board ironing board! I'm hoping for Valentines day I can convience my husband to give me two more to make my new cutting board! I'm getting a larger sewing room!!! More room for FABRIC!!!!! Bring on 2012 & some new sewing projects!!!

  4. Oh, I do hope that this skirt works out for you. It's beginnings look wonderful. And please do keep that sewing mojo going - you have the most interesting insight into sewing projects.

  5. Learning how to sew a dress is also very efficient. It can also be your source of income. You can start a store that caters to altering people’s dresses; or make made to order clothes; or start your clothing line. This is a great investment especially now that the economy’s a little down.

  6. Glad to see interest in Burda 118 skirt! I think I will try it again.

    Mary Nanna, you picked up on one of the issues- once I had adjusted the hip to fit me, I need to add a bit to the flared part and it was tricky.

    Amanda, I was pondering about you! I wondered whether you wear cute skirts like this day-to-day and you answered my question. I am less and less interested in the jeans & t-shirt uniform. I am also wearing more skirts for casual days.

    LifeWG- Now that's what I need - thanks for sharing the excitement!

    Irene, thank you.

    Jade - evidently you have insights into my daydreams. I'll keep teaching myself and keep appreciating my day job, and in the future, who knows?

  7. This looks interesting, looking forward to your ensemble.
    Hope to sew a lot in the next weeks. I do have lots of plans and lots of fabrics too. Must make it work.
    Happy new year to you.

  8. Happy new year Robin! I would have thought you could just lenthen it at the hip line....but perhaps not. Anyway thanks for reminding me about that book. I have it and decided I would work my way through it ( ha that was a couple of years ago /;) Time to get it out again and reboot the mojo!! BTW, how was that draper man! I want him in my wardrobe to wrap my stash each morning on me. Not sure how long the good look would last however :)

  9. Happy New Year, Sigrid!
    Happy New Year Vicki!

    Hmmm, lengthening at the hipline, yes, I am still thinking about this skirt, even though I am almost finished a gored skirt for now. I hope to come back to this one.


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