Thursday, December 8, 2011

are we almost there yet?

*{Sorry kids, mom has been driving around in circles}

In sewing news, I have been stitching away on my hoodie jacket.  The sleeves are on and the lining is sewn.  I just need to install the lining and it's finished, yay!  This will be the 7th jacket of 2011, and I hereby proclaim that to be a sufficient number of jackets within a twelve month span.

Here is the latest progress.  First, this doctored-up photo illustrates what I did not like about the sleeves:

 And the fix:

*{back to blogger}

In non-sewing news,  I recently set up a whole new website using Squarespace.  There is a lot to love about that platform - they provide hosting and website design resources in an extremely secure and reliable environment.   I was drawn by robust content management features (you get get fancy there!) but there are drawbacks.

The main problem for me was the user interface for posting to the blog.  You could only load one picture at a time and there is no way to preview the post before clicking "submit".
There are ways to prepare posts offline, and then upload them, but it was not easy enough to justify the extra effort.  I kept my blogger account alive just in case I wanted to return and I am glad I did.  Now I know, the grass isn't greener.  It's just different grass.

Thanks for your patience while I've bounced around, and please let me know if things don't seem to be working - I do still need to wrap up a few loose ends.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Hi there, you can keep your squarespace post as a draft and view it on your site before choosing to publish it. There is a little check box at the top of the menu when you are composing a new post for that says 'publish', if it is not checked it will remain a draft.

    I use squarespace for my websites and I think its great, I'd hate for you to not choose it for that reason : )

    BTW, you jacket is looking great!

  2. ohmygosh renae.
    I have to look at that! I googled and searched and asked and could not find that answer!

  3. Thanks Renae - your website is beautiful.
    I see what you mean - you can save a post as a draft, but you still can't preview it. It is a shame because SS is such a nice platform.

  4. Robin, I like what you did with your sleeves. I also do not care for puffy sleeves. Who knew it was that easy to fix! I really enjoy your blog.
    :)Deb M.

  5. Cute jacket, the sleeves do look way better now.

  6. Wherever you go I will follow. :)
    I like the way you fixed your puffy sleeves. I've done things like that occasionally. They look much better now.

  7. I like your sleeve change. It's suits the style of the jacket better. I am glad that I left both of your blogs running on my blog roll for a little while. I wouldn't want to loose you! I've had a lot of blog technical problems myself. Culminating in having to start all over again! It's rather demoralising.

  8. That's a nice change on your jacket. It's looking good! I agree that 7 jackets in one year is enough. I just have to finish #7! As said before, whereever you go, I will follow. (Keep us informed about the "greener grass". Blogger sometimes can be a pain.)

  9. Hi Robin,

    Thanks! Flamenco is a bit of a departure from sewing but I'm glad you liked my site : ) Most of my sewing is flamenco skirts and costumes.

    There is a big upgrade for squarespace in the works. They won't announce when it will be made available to the public but It is rumoured to be a huge improvement on the existing platform. They are currently running a beta test... maybe keep an eye on things for the new year??

  10. You worked magic on that jacket! Seven jackets to choose from should get you through 2012!

  11. That is one cool looking jacket! Brilliant!

  12. Good fix on the sleeves. You've done a great job on the jacket.


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