Monday, November 7, 2011

mulching yoga pants? yes

I would not know this term if not for Claudine who posted about it when she bought her sparkly blue fabric.

After sewing these pants, I washed my hands and the water turned gray.  That seemed a little weird.  Then I wore the pants.  Oh how soft is this fabric!  Oh how comfortable are these pants (made from a lengthened version of my pattern for exercise shorts)

This is before adding the waistband and hem.
You can see the gusset.  The fabric is a little lightweight for pants,
they are more like lounging pants to wear at home.
My goodness, I could not exclaim often enough how easy and comfy these pants were.  I couldn't wait to sew more.  And then I saw the effects of the mulching.  My whole lower body was gray - like a zombie or a vampire.

Oh my!  This was conversation-worthy with the husband.  Yes, I had pre-washed it.  Then I remembered Claudine's post and her experience with mulching.  I will wash the fabric and these pants several more times, with a white cloth in the load, until the water runs clear.  I have been thinking about that sparkly blue fabric, too (I won her giveaway!) and I want to sew a jacket just like Claudine's creation.  She won't mind blatant copying, will she?   I need to hunt down a separating zipper.

Happy November!


  1. Those pants look great! What pattern did you use that has a gusset? I read Claudine's post back when, but forgot the mulching term. I thought that was crocking, but what do I know. :)

    What about using one of those color catchers?

  2. That's so funny! It's like you attract mulching fabric.

    I can't wait to see your rendition of the sparkly jacket.

  3. Sounds like a lot of washing. I admit to beeing a bit ^^ lazyer and just leaving mulching fabrics to soak for a day. Make sure they have lots of water though.

  4. Wow, only one I had to deal with similar problem - the interfacing smelled like a car tyre and NOTHING could fix it. I had to throw away my lovely green corduroy jacket because of it :(

  5. Cheap Chinese fabric, possibly toxic. Comfy as they are I would ditch them now!

  6. I'm sewing up some black knit with sparkly bits and the black is coming off on my hands as I sew.
    The knit feels like a poly though so I am bemused. I've not prewashed it though. I'll wait until the dress is finished and then wash it.

  7. Might I add that pre-washing is great if you are only trying to pre-shrink.... if you pre-wash with vinegar... generally that will set the color and keep it from running all over other clothing and hopefully you! Also there are those sheets of fabric dye catchers that will keep any extra color from getting onto other fabric/clothing!
    After you soak your fabric in 1-2 cups of vinegar and then rewash with a little soap... it usually works great!

  8. Mulching! I learn something new every day!

  9. HI :) I am a TRUE believer in CARBONA DYE CATCHER SHEETS. NO,I do NOT work for the company :) I cut the fabric in half and get DOUBLE the product. I guess they work for app. 30 washloads??? I live alone :) I tend to wash whites and darks together to amass a full load of laundry :) :) I throw one of these in every load :)

    ALERT :) WORST dye colors are...Red, Black,Fuschia Turquoise, DARK blue and GREEN..... These tend to BLEED when they are from India or China...

    Those are the sources for MOST of our fabrics now. PRE WASH....AND add a cup of white vinegar to the final rinse also :) But I suggest..NEVER trust to NON-BLEEDING with any item of IMPORTANCE :)

  10. Oh my! Mulching... :/ well at least they were comfy!


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