Friday, September 16, 2011

So much for taking a break ...

And why should a person take a break from something fun?  I love to blog and it was really relaxed this week at the beach.  Today it is chilly, but utterly gorgeous.

sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean
Different weather every day - how entertaining!

I did not finish my pink swimsuit until yesterday because I had run out of thread.  While enjoying the lovely town of Lewes, I spotted a quilting shop called Mare's Bears.  Of course, quilters use cotton thread so that's what I bought and it is just fine.  In fact, I bet my homemade suit will last a long time.   The store-bought one needed mending after only 2 days.  The cup came detached from the bodice!  Major wardrobe malfunction, but we survived.

Most of the time I wore a tank top (leftover fabric from this dress)  and athletic shorts.
When I am posing for pictures I exaggerate straight posture.  Memo to self: exaggerate good posture all the time.
The report card on this swimming costume is A+++.  It was so comfortable and I prefer less nakedness compared to a regular swimsuit.  Both of these garments are very fast and easy to sew, too.

This is how the underpinning works.  This get-up was fast-drying and comfortable.
Another new-to-me garment was the skirted swimsuit bottom that I bought the first day we were here.  I like how the skirt hides that the bottoms don't exactly fit right.  It does flap around when playing in the waves and that felt weird, but overall, the modesty benefit outweighed the negatives.  And it matched nicely with my home-made top.
This tank top is lined with swimsuit lining I found at Spandex World in the NYC garment district.  I just cut 2 of each piece, machine basted around the edges, then handled each piece as one.  Couldn't be easier.
There you have it!  A middle-aged woman who likes to play pin-up girl now and then, while tossing around the word "modest" fairly often.  I did wear very skimpy bikinis when I was young but I can barely remember that long ago.   Kids, we didn't have the internet or mobile phones or GPS navigators or anything!  We had to go to the library to look up facts.

In my very earliest memories, when people complimented my dress, I proudly told them my mother made it and that elicited even more examination and compliments.  Then came a phase when the clothes we made were somehow not as good are store-bought clothes.  Now it has come around as something to celebrate.  Craftiness and hand-made things are appreciated now.  Sewing is really my art.  I feel like an artist on the inside and if I didn't sew, I would paint or sing or ...something!  But sewing is somehow the best one for me.

What a lovely vacation I have had.  We will drive home today and see what has happened there.  A few months ago, I bought a Groupon for painting services and I left my daughter in charge a couple of Russians who didn't really want to take orders from a 24-year-old at first.  I hear they all worked it out and a lot of painting got done.  YAY.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that we are really finished with this update-the-home thing.  It was a major freshening and I hope it lasts a long time.

Happy Friday - I hope you have nice things planned for the weekend!
and Happy Sewing


  1. Oh my, the photos are beautiful! It's just how I imagine beach holidays in the States. So glamorous! Is Bette Midler singing the soundtrack to your life? You look beautiful and I love your outfits. I very much empathise with your thoughts re handsewing as a child and teenager. There was definitely a stage at which handmade-by-mum inspired thoughts of - eek! - shame. I'm so glad that things have come full circle.

  2. You look lovely, and I am glad not to be the only middle aged woman who likes to do an outfit post! (And ditto on the good posture thing.)

    For my senior prom I made my gown, because I knew that would be the only way to have it fit me; at 5'10" tall with a 32" chest, everything RTW hit several inches above my ankles!

    I didn't do a lot of sewing in the years that it fell out of fashion, but only because of time constraints. When I started again it was a shock to discover such a large community of like minded people!

    Glad to hear that you had a wonderful vacation. And I hope that the house looks exactly as you planned!

  3. A "bathing costume"? Great idea. Vanessa Redgrave looked good in one in, I think, "A Month in the Country," a movie set in the 20s or 30s. Uma Thurman and Edward Fox were also in it.

  4. You look great and how nice that you had a relaxing holiday!

  5. Love your outfits, and that beautiful ocean view.

  6. Spring/Summer is just starting to emerge here in Sydney. Glorious blue skies and beaches are just the thing. Your beach looks magic and I like your relaxation gear.

  7. Cute outfits! I could do with a nice beach holiday just now. :)

  8. Oh my gosh - love your swimming outfits! You look fabby!!

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful view, as well, and your usual enthusiasm and happy take on life.

  9. You are looking terrific, very trim, fit and fashionable. Glad you had a good break!

  10. Awesome bathing suit and tank top! I love that you made them yourself :)


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