Monday, September 12, 2011

a little sewing at the beach

You are not surprised, are you?  I am sewing at the beach.
Until my husband reversed his dislike of beaches last year, I had not vacationed at a beach for over a decade.  He's funny that way, he will hate something for a while and change his mind and now he freely admits he pulled a bait 'n' switch on me.  If you haven't guessed, I don't much care for the beach.  Also, if you hadn't guessed, I was a middle-aged bride and I am still learning how to do marriage.  Oh, it's hard work, alright!  Falling in love, getting married and participating in the wide world of being-part-of-a-couple is a lot of fun, but also a lot of adjustment for someone like me.  Because my dad died while I was fairly young, I grew up with a very strong mother role model.  I wonder if I will ever not try to take charge of everything?  He is a take charge kind of person, too.  I'll leave you to fill in the blanks on that one.
Fortunately, Howie is very agreeable in many ways, hence we brought my sewing machine, a bag of elastics & swimsuit materials, an unfinished tank top and fabric for pajamas.  There is no chance I will get bored, which is always my worst nightmare.

So, yeah, the vacation thing is working out really well!  We do all the same stuff at the beach that we do at home.  I sew, he cooks, and we both read a lot.  Instead of going to work, we go to the beach.  Who knew?  Oh right, all the people who go to the beach every summer - they know about this.  And Suzie, who posted a comment to my last post.  Suzie, you are a person of great fortitude to to work in Funland for a whole summer!  Almost all of the people working here are European (and young and beautiful) which is quite pleasant.

We have seen some interesting things.  These are all iPhone pictures because I didn't want to risk getting sand on my good camera.
a rainbow during a light rain

a wedding on the beach
The great things about vacationing after Labor Day are smaller crowds and lower prices.  It did not occur to me that all the summer clothing would be on sale and I could stock up on sorely needed casual wear, including a swimsuit.  I always alter store-bought clothing and fortunately I have bobbins with similar thread colors.
And what is the alteration, you wonder?  I have to pick out the waistband along the front so I can add extra elastic.  How can people stand to wear tight elastic around the waist?  I don't understand it.  Perhaps my waist is really that much bigger than the manufacturer thinks it should be?  whatever!  This is why I hate to shop, but I am so glad I can sew.

I am really glad I got pushed out of my comfort zone.  No, I don't think I will ever really like being hot and sticky and all that stuff, but I can make the most of it and conform a little bit.  I guess that is what I am doing, I am conforming a little bit.  And it's OK.
The tank top just needed fold-over elastic and now it's finished.
The pajama fabrics are wonderful shirtings from a sale at Michaels.
Claudine made a really cool shirt of this same fabric.

Talk To You Later, sewing friends.


  1. LOL! We've been married for nearly 30 years, and we have the opposite clash of personalities: we fight over who has to be one to make a decision. Neither of us wants to be in charge. Glad you escaped being washed away in the flood. (And I have to alter swimsuits, too -- add 2" to crotch depth, hoping that the fabric will stretch enough so that I can wear the thing without being cleft in twain.)

  2. I'm the same way about both vacations and elastic waists. I took this class recently where we made elastic-waist pants, and the teacher was telling everyone to cut the elastic 10" smaller than their waist measurements! Yikes. I stuck to my guns and made the elastic the same size as my waist. Much better.

  3. Your sewing machine is the twin of mine! What a great machine it is too.

    Your holiday sounds perfect.

  4. I'll tell you how to do marriage... one for you, one for me. Next year, you pick.

  5. I seem to make most/all of the decisions - as F. Gump said "I'm a bit tired now" - need a break! Wouldn't mind a few days at the beach myself - Happy holidays - enjoy!! (ps - 26.6 yrs married, but who's counting)

  6. Ah, I love beaches! They're perfect for forcing relaxation! :o) Have a grand time & enjoy unwinding!

  7. Sewing on the beach sounds good to me. With coffee!

  8. Your vacation is what I am planning for next year. I lost my husband in January after 26 yrs of marriage. I am planning on Ocean City, NJ where I usually go however I will be walking on the beach or boardwalk in the mornings, reading the by hotel pool or beach in the afternoon, and sewing the rest of the time!! Enjoy you Vacation!


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