Saturday, September 24, 2011

delusional sewing - the telltale signs

How hard can it be?
It will be a blanket-type thing.
See, it already looks good.
It won't take long.
This time, I'll keep it simple.
It won't be disruptive.
I think a few pillows would be nice - I am sure I will have time.
True or False:  Does this fabric match the cat?
Yes, it's true, I am decorating around our cat Pepper.
She came from a shelter, but I think she looks just like a Maine Coon cat.
So anyway, I had THE BEST TIME EVER today because I got to work on my big sofa project.  Maybe I can finish tomorrow?  I may be delusional.

Happy Sewing, fellow fanatics-


  1. Decorating with your cat in mind is such a great idea. The fabric choices for the pillows are delicious!

  2. Well, look at it this way; at least the cathair won't show. ;-)

  3. I am very impressed with this project!! I love the fabric that you have picked out for the pillows - they are going to look fabulous.

  4. OK I have to know what you are doing with the couch. I am a slipcover dropout. Cat is a nice colour.

  5. Great post, and I can't wait to see the finished product! I'm feeling the redecorating urge...shall I match the gray cat, the black dog or the red dog? Decisions, decisions.

  6. Sometimes I wish I had decorated around my cat, a long haired black sweetie, and the color of my kids favorite soda. I have plans to recover a sofa and wing chair, so keep telling us how easy this to build my confidence and motivate me to tackle them (of course I have had the fabric for ages). You have chosen a beautiful set of coordinating fabrics.

  7. While I doubt you will finish it tomorrow, I think you will finish everything beautifully.

    Of course one decorates around the cat! Doesn't everyone?

  8. ah, Bunny, you know the truth, don't you? It takes days and days just to sew nice cushion covers. I can't think about that :)

  9. How did you get into my head? We (me and the voices in my head) have this conversation with every project I take on.

    are we delusional or just unrealistically optimistic? or is that the same thing?

  10. You are a smartie all right! Decorating around the cat.... too funny... well as least the cat hair won't show!

  11. Wow! Our cats could be twins!

  12. No doubt! She's a real Maine Coon. Mine came from the street, her mother died and she was starving. But I also think she's a Maine Coon.
    She thinks herself as a princess...


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