Monday, September 5, 2011

color therapy

Thinking about the the power of the color wheel...

You may recall, I am in the midst of redecorating the main floor in our home.   The kitchen is finished and now we are painting the walls and the woodwork.   Brace yourself  - being "in progress" is not for the faint of heart.  But - there is some fun to be had in developing a color scheme.

I am open to painting the bookcase and the round cafe table & most of the little tables won't be part of the new room.
I took the paint swatches with me to G Street Fabrics and visited the Home Decorating department.  Having the paint swatches was critical to shopping fun, because it helped quickly eliminate fabrics that didn't work with the color palette.  On the chair (below) is a lovely silk that ties together the new paint colors with the existing upholstery and rug.
At the start of this project I said, "oh I can make my own slipcovers if necessary".  But now - at this point - I really can't.  You know what I mean.  I am capable of it, but that doesn't mean I want to sew slipcovers.  I cannot go another month without sewing clothing.  I am reaching my breaking point and this room just needs to get finished!
This is the only existing carpet to incorporate - the rest of our floors are bare because of pet issues.
That is fine with me, I'd rather have pets than carpets anyway.
Now here is where the fun comes in - without regard for fabric type (e.g. silk, linen, chenille, etc) pattern (e.g. floral, stripes, paisley, etc.)  or purpose, I zoomed in on colors and whether they were pleasing with the paint samples.  Also, I ignored price tags because I just need inspiration.  The only piece I bought was the half yard of the large silk plaid because a sample could not capture all of the colors.

The goal is to identify colors that can come in through accessories and artwork.  My fear is that the rooms will be bland because accessorizing is not my strong point.  Using fabric as inspiration, I will identify contrasting colors.  If the inspiration fabric is too dressy or flowery (or whatever) it might not even get made into throw pillows - but it will provide a broader color palette than I have now.
I'd like to paint the little round cafe table in an unexpected color - but what?  Fabric designers are pretty brilliant, thank goodness!

In addition to any existing artwork that fits in, we will hang our own family & artsy photos.  Yes, I thought it would be convenient to become a good photographer.  Howie & I are planning a downtown date - we will have a meal, have some fun, take a photography tour with PhotoTour DC and come out of it as brilliant photographers.  Great plan, eh?  He's going to use an old 35mm film camera of unknown origin (he thinks I brought it into the marriage and I think he brought it into the marriage) and I am going to use our Nikon digital SLR.

And I am sewing!  Yep, we are going on vacation next week so I am finally getting around to a swimsuit.  I got swimsuit lining when I was in NYC recently, and bought the pink earlier this summer.
Last year's swimsuit was a last minute deal and it was a disappointment in the drying department.  I made sure to buy fast-drying fabric this year.  And my pattern this year is even simpler.  I am using the same basic pattern idea.  We are headed to the beach - for the first week after high season ends and bargains abound.  I'll probably post again before then, though.

Happy sewing all y'all....


  1. You make your own swimsuit too? Have a great vacation. The silk plaid fabric is lovely.

  2. I'll confess that I suck at this sort of thing, but I kind of like the orange for the pop of color. And I cringe at the thought of painted wood that looks good stained...

  3. We do the bare floor thing too; pets are better!
    Thank you for sharing the Photo Tour DC link; I am definitely signing up!

  4. Maybe you could do the table a deep dark eggplant like purple. Whatever you do it will look great, I like all your paint colors and the fabric for the chair is beautiful.

  5. The room is looking very nice. I hate home dec sewing, so I admire those who have the patience. That funky yellow polka dot is really cool and would snazz things up, in moderation. :)

  6. The room is just the style I like - I call it shabby chic but there is nothing shabby about it really. Love the pink fabric.

  7. Actually I rather liked the green bit of crumpled up fabric in the furniture-all-in-the-middle-picture :-)

    But then again - lime green is so yesteryear :-)

  8. I really like the oyster shade of paint. We did a big extension/refurbishment a few years back. I got really sick of it all and some stuff is still not complete. Are biggest paint mistakes were picking colours that are too light! Slightly darker shades look warmer and make the architectural details like architraves, skirting boards and cornicing stand out (assuming they twill be a shade of White, of course.). Then again, the light is different in DC. You are at a much lower latitude and will get stronger sunshine than we do. So all the colours may look a bit different.

  9. Wow. You made a great designs there. I love the shades and colors of your house. Though a bit light but nice. diamonds utah

  10. I like the idea of using fabric swatches to find coordinating colors. Gorgeous room!

    Enjoy your trip to the beach.


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