Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Garden Dress - in teal & mustard floral

Here is a look at the fabric I found at Metro Textiles for a Lonsdale dress:
This is a silk/cotton blend.  It's light as a feather and a little sheer.
After taking measurements of bust, waist & hips, we placed elastic on her body to identify location of the top of the bodice, the waist and hips.  That provides the measurements necessary for the first pass of pattern alterations.
Based on her circumferences, we went with a size 10 at bust and waist and size 8 at hips.  [what??  who has smaller hips than bust?  can I still like this person?  pfffsss]  Based on the measurements between [but seriously!  the next time she says anything at all about me being tall, I am hitting back, and hitting hard!  just maybe I would like small hips, did you ever think of that? oops...]

As I was saying, I used the measurements between the elastic bands (that we had placed around her hips, waist and upper chest) to come up with a petite adjustment and a teeny sway-back adjustment.

Oh look at that, ha!  I use Snag-it to capture screenshots and I forgot to close the "blemish removal" tool.  I was smoothing out the appearance of the table top.  Well, now you know my secrets! I use iPhoto editing tools and Snagit.
Optimism is the way I roll.  I thought I'd have time to trace this pattern, make flat pattern adjustments AND sew a muslin last night.  Ha!  I am not planning to become a pessimist, but those expectations were unrealistic.   

What next?  I will take this with me to work today and tissue-fit my guinea pig friend.  What have I got to lose, right?  I have read Fit For Real People (by Palmer and Pletsch) and watched the video many times.  I tend to read Fit for Real People for fitting solutions.   As you probably know, FFRP champions tissue fitting as the fastest way to achieve a great fitting garment.  In my experience, it hasn't worked so well- I accidentally ripped the tissue, ruined the pattern, and cried about "why is my body so weird and hard to fit".   I don't cry about my body anymore, because now I know we all feel that way.  

But I am going to be careful and see if I can do it.  I can always sew a muslin tonight if necessary.
I will let you know how it goes!


  1. What beautiful fabric. I think Kashi mentioned Liberty cottons when we were there in the spring and was wondering if that's what they are. And thank you for the clue about snagit. I need to learn how to do the photo marking and editing on our macbooks.

  2. Jane, if this is not a Liberty, it is every bit as nice. I didn't ask. Try Snag-It. They just came out with a version for Mac and I love it!

  3. That fabric is GORGEOUS. I also love SnagIt!! And I am exactly the same where I have unrealistic expectations about what I can get done in an evening...weekend... week. :)

    I look forward to watching this project unfold.

  4. Catching up on blogs ... Robin, that is a gorgeous piece of material amd am looking forward to seeing the progression of the fitting/sewing of the dress.

  5. This dress is going to be so gorgeous, I don't even like mustard, but this fabric has overcome it. :-) Your friend is so lucky.

    And I'm so glad to know that I am not the only one who doesn't do well with tissue fitting. Mom always told me I was like a bull in a china shop about some things, and when it comes to tissue fitting, she was absolutely right.

  6. I've never tried tissue fitting. I need to check out Fit For Real People. Good luck with your fitting. I'm excited to see your Lonsdale progress since I'm also making the same during Tasia's Sew-Along. Pointers from more experienced sewers are always so helpful.

  7. Really nice fabric!
    I have unrealistic sewing goals too...but it's summer break and I have three kids...
    Instead of using tissue paper, try banquet table covering. It's thin plastic on a roll, 100ft for ...oh, was it $15 or $7 (Canadian)... It's easy to draw on, cuts well but doesn't rip, you can crease it, but smooth it out, and I haven't tried, but I bet you could sew it together even. I'm MUCH more willing to trace out the pattern and make multiple fitting changes/new tracings since I'm no longer piecing together paper (that was from a roll it it always curled...)

  8. Such lovely fabric.
    Good luck with the tissue fitting, I've only done enough to work out that it is not my cup of tea. I blame it on too many curves per pattern piece!

  9. TracyKM, I never heard of using banquet table covering, but I can see how it would work well. At this time, I have a lifetime supply of medical exam paper. I bought a case of it to get the cheaper price. :D

    Karen, my experience has been that it's easier to do on someone else. I have both hands available and I can walk all the way around to see what's going on. When I sewed a dress for one of DD's friends, I tissue fitted her, too and it turned out great.

  10. I also bought that fabric from Ann - can't wait to see how yours turns out!


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