Friday, August 12, 2011

miss smarty-pants and I did not see purple walls coming

I was cruising along, stitching up the Lonsdale dress, all full of myself, thinking

oh what a cute dress I am sewing for my chic friend.  I picked the fabric and the pattern and isn't it just perfect for her and really, I am nailing it, I really am ...
... uh oh ...

 I shortened the back piece of the skirt at the hem, not at the top where I intended.  The yellow border, the best part of the dress, is gone.
yes, this happened.
I cannot enlarge the photo, as per my usual preference because it mocks me so.

SO!  Other things are going well, correct?  Yes!  Remember this kitchen?  No need to enlarge this photo, either.
perhaps the house should be magenta!
The kitchen is completely different now:

hee hee
Yes, topic change!
I enjoyed learning about color and design from a professional who helped me select the countertops and tile backsplash.  This was a big investment for us, so I did not want to risk living with buyer's remorse.  It worked because I have no remorse at all.   I love how the lighter, cooler colors & materials balance the warm cabinets.  The kitchen has no windows, so the reflective glass lightens things up.  The stainless appliances do not look as dark and hulking as I had feared.  The new exhaust fan works.

the new color palette
Today was color consultation day and we came up with new colors for most of the main floor.  I pretty much asked for gray walls and white woodwork, but the smoked oyster has a lot of purple undertones.

That makes me pause.  Hmmm.  Really?  Me with purple walls?  Did the interior designer cast a spell on me?  That could be the plot in the book I am reading.  I am hooked on campy supernatural fiction now (love the Sookie Stackhouse series) and my imagination has run wild.

I did not see the purple walls coming.

May you sew without cutting off the important parts this weekend, my friends.
I think I better be careful.  Things can happen.

Happy Sewing


  1. Your kitchen looks wonderful! Love that tile.
    As for the skirt - these things happen and we move on. The best laid plans...

  2. I love your new kitchen and I ache for your dress border. Just think, there's an entire book, Sewing 911, about such situations so they must have happened to plenty of other people. That's not a lot of consolation in the moment but I hope your new kitchen has you totally pleased.

  3. I love your new kitchen! I JUST got mine redone as well lol.

  4. Your kitchen looks great! Very modern colour scheme and nice and neutral so you can add accents easily!

    As for the skirt, it happens ( to me quite often!) but we must keep stitching onwards and upwards!

  5. Argh, I understand. At least you have a gorgeous kitchen. :)

  6. Oh no! God, that is so something I would do. I feel for you.

    At least your kitchen looks fabulous.

  7. We picked a grey color for the main areas of our last house and it turned out to have purple undertones; how much this showed depended on the time of day, but it definitely turned out more purple than grey. It rapidly became my favorite color in the house, and everyone who visited loved it as well. Fear not the purple wall!

  8. I want to cry over your dress. Crap happens and you will recover with the next project.

    Your kitchen is gorgeous.Those glass tiles really light up the space, love them. You and the designer made a great team and the purple rocks.

  9. Sounds exactly like something I would do, I am sure that is a great comfort. Oh well, if you don't try nothing happens. On to the next thing. Kitchen looks perfect and purple is classy. 2 out of 3, great odds/

  10. Sorry about the border. I don't have time to search the previous posts, but I believe you made a muslin, or if not a muslin,that you did check the pattern against the print. This confirms that the best laid plans of home sewers and (wo)men ... .

    The kitchen looks very nice. It's always a little discomfiting to me to realize that expensive design professionals actually do have expertise and are alive to things that I don't see. (Not that I think I lack taste.) I like to kid myself by saying that if one only looks at enough books ... .

  11. Ugh - I feel your sewing pain!

    And the kitchen looks terrific...

  12. Oh Robin I went back and looked at the dress hanging on the dress form and I understand why this was such a painful cut! You have my sympathies!

    However the kitchen is beautiful! You did a great job!

  13. Thanks for the commiseration!!

    this is I am only a PRETEND dressmaker for other people.
    Can you imagine the stress if I was professional and i had to find more fabric and meet a deadline?
    The only thing hurt is my pride. I am sure my friend will understand.

  14. well pooy and oops on the dress...and I can totally understand the stress of sewing for other people, did it in interior design not clothing and it will eventually happen I can say with certainty ... your cutting super expensive drapery fabric or fabric that you located finally that had be discontinued and yep you guessed it... Yes its most stressful!

    But your kitchen is oh so wonderful! :O)

  15. Your new kitchen is beautiful. It is very inviting.

    oops on the dress :(

  16. Your kitchen looks great. I am envious of your new stove/oven. I like the back splash, good choice

  17. Is there any way you could applique the yellow border onto the blue body of the skirt? From your photos it looks like that might work. Obviously, I'm into salvaging projects instead of starting over. Just approach it as a challenge.

    And I love your "new" kitchen.

    Linda in TN

  18. I think you should try to salvage that border as well, Robin. The dress is too pretty not to try to save it as originally envisioned. You must be just sick about it.

    On a brighter note, your kitchen is going to be amazing.

  19. I thought of appliqueing the border, too, but I have absolutely no scraps leftover.

    I can't bring myself to throw it away, so, yes, I will salvage it at some point.

    Thanks for your thoughts Kathryn.

    What bothers me most is having to set it aside to deal with all the home renovation commotion. Time is so precious. The last thing I want to do is agonize over paint colors. I don't want a home with a lot of personality! I want "safe" so I can relax and focus on things of more interest to me.

  20. Aw, bummer Robin! If that dress was for me I would love it even without the gorgeous yellow border. It's such cool fabric!

    Kitchen looks great!:)

  21. Kelly, there is a dress coming up for you next!

  22. And may we live without cutting off the important parts I love smoked oyster. It reminds me of my nail polish color which I have not changed for about 10 months.

  23. Robin, the kitchen looks wonderful. OMG - I feel the pain about the dress. The border was so lovely.

  24. You might be thinking it would be just as easy for them to make their way to the bathroom sink.

  25. What a shame re the border... also a huge @*#@*&^% right after that great post about how to not loose the border - I thought you were genius... I still do so I feel for you. It's just like locking the keys in the car ... just when you hear the click, you know what's happened.

    Fabulous to have a new kitchen to distract you!

  26. The kitchen looks amazing. I actually just saved the photo into my inspirations folder for future reference, because I liked the overall look so much. Stunning.
    Also: I'm glad I read this post after the one after it, so I don't have to worry about the outcome. But ouch! I did that with a skirt I made my mom last year, but at least it was a simple skirt and done with a cheap, easily replaceable fabric! Can't wait to see the finished dress!


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