Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daydreaming - new Vogue patterns

I am browsing Vogue's new offerings.  Here are a few that caught my eye:    
This is like The Sewing Workshop e-shrug I made in April, but I like the back shaping better and I am curious about the piecing in the collar.  Might be worth further investigation.

The back shaping seams are interesting and provide fitting opportunities, the collar is shaped nicely and I am intrigued by the fabrication.  The sleeves call for a knit fabric and I like the slim look that provides for the arms.  I could always keep an eye out for a piece of leather, right?  If it coordinates with wool double-knit sitting on the shelves, it's a stash-busting project, too!   I can justify almost anything if I just think for a minute.

I feel pretty just looking at the picture.  This says autumn, tights and a search for cute shoes.
These full skirts are doing it for me!  One last summer dress?  I have some gray cotton jersey and a beach vacation coming up.  Speaking of which, I should be sewing a swimsuit.  I can't seem to locate that swimsuit-sewing-mojo, mostly because the swimsuit fabric I have is boring.  I'll gather a sense of urgency as the vacation gets closer.

Are you gearing up for the change in seasons?  Last year I couldn't wait to start sewing wool by this time in August.  The sewing mojo is a mystery.

What are you hankering to sew?  Any opinions of what I should sew next?
Questions, so many questions!
Opinions?  Please share!

Thank you all for your wonderfully supportive comments about the dress I just finished.  You really push me to be my best and I am grateful for the creative energy in the blogosphere.


  1. The only pattern in your list I bought is the second jacket. Not surprising since you and I have rather different figures. ;)

    I have been sewing fall for awhile. It IS fall here. When I took a walk this morning, the fog rain was so heavy that my glasses were quite overcome with droplets/mist. It's cold. It's fall in SF. :D

  2. I hadn't noticed those jacket patterns, intriguing, especially the 2nd jacket, like that a lot.

    Differing from most I wish summer would never end, love warm weather and am hoping for a nice Indian summer we usually have here on the other side of the San Francisco bay. I just don't like autumn - love the warm evenings and wearing summer clothes. But the sewing for cooler weather is enjoyable, tailoring and wools, holiday party clothes, etc.
    Due to our crazy microclimates, I am just 20 minutes from SF and unlike Shams wore shorts and a T-shirt for my morning walk.
    So travelers to SF beware and pack a jacket :)

  3. Nice to hear from the foggy side and the sunny side of SF. DH grew up in northern CA and he's told me so many stories, I feel like it's part of me, now, too.
    This year I am savoring summer. Well, we are taking a short break for a hurricane at the moment, but we should be back to nice warm weather for another month.

    Back to the Jacket-A-Month theme!

  4. I just flicked through the magazine the other day and the grey dress stood out to me, really pretty, except I'd use an invisible zip.

    I think that first jacket just has one diagonal front seam from side hem to collar edge, and the front drape is a triangle - simpler than it looks!

  5. Really like that first pattern!

  6. The second pattern, the jacket, is the one I like best. The others are a little fussy or too directly vintage-inspired for my taste.

  7. I too missed that second jacket and have now added it to my list for the next sale. I love fall and spring the very most but the shortening of daylight hours always makes me a little melancholy. Thank heavens I have woolen sewing to cheer me up:-)

  8. I bought both jacket patterns, not sure which to use first. I love FALL. It is probably my favorite season. Weather is still warm but not blistering heat. No mud (I'm a country kind of gal) to deal with or the snow-tar that developes with the first flurries and stays wells past the last snow melt. OK you made up my mind. I think I'll do jacket 1 first. Always a pleasure to read about your sewing and sewing thoughts.

  9. The two Tracy Reese patterns are on my list! I have a stunning floral jersey for the sleeveless one, which I will sew up later this winter for a spring dress. I am thinking of doing the 3/4 sleeve in an embellished mesh over a lightweight jersey for the holidays. If you were thinking of doing it as photographed, I just saw the fabric at Emma One Sock.
    Can't wait to see your swimsuit! I have never made one.
    Happy sewing! xo, Anita

  10. Really nice job on the Lonsdale dress, Robin!

  11. Looks like jacket #2 is gathering some support! The more I look at it, the more I like it.

    Anita, why did you have to mention Emmaonesock? Have pity on my wallet

    But I couldn't be sure which one it is - there are so many great knit prints on her site.

    (and thank you Meg!)

  12. I'm sorry Robin, just trying to pull you into my addiction I guess! I can't sew right now space under construction) so I am hoarding fabric like crazy!

    This is the fabric I was talking about:

    If it's not exact, it's pretty close. And it is on sale! :-)

  13. The shrug is perfect to cope with refrigerated summer aircon at the office.

  14. I swear to you, I made the first jacket back in 1986, really.

    I love the second jacket and all that seaming. I could see myself making that one too. The dresses aren't doing it for me, just to much fabric but on the right body they could be really nice.

    Can't wait to see what magic you'll weave with these.

  15. love the two jackets I can't decide which one I like best but I think I'm leaning more towards the second one with the lovely seam lines :)

    I'm trying to hold on to summer as weather wise we've not really had one. hopefully we'll have a nice week or so soon, but I can feel winter creeping up with a wool skirt in mind to kick off my winter sewing.

  16. Very beautiful and special patterns.
    Bye bye.

  17. Great choices! Waiting to see what you create next!


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