Monday, July 18, 2011

The wild, wild world of sewing

Hanging around with other sewing fanatics keeps you in the safe lane of life.  I like to read murder mysteries and fiction featuring vampires, but I'll take my real life nice and safe, thankyouverymuch.

I ran into Renee recently (Cidell of Miss Celie's Pants) at one of our neighborhood fabric stores.  A place where you can write a check and they won't check your ID - because sewing ladies don't bounce checks.

We whooped it up.
maybe next time I'll open my eyes.

mock violence - she is so scared of me, too.

Anyway, you know what she said to me? "I read your post about accessorizing and I have trouble with that, too".

Huh?  Look at her!  Look at me!  Who has trouble accessorizing?  I rest my case.  Oh, and notice her hand - she wore her Princess Diana Ring.  So cute!


  1. It's fun to run into other sewists when you're shopping for (more!) fabric.

  2. Not to get too personal, but do you live in the Baltimore area? For some reason, I assumed you lived in New Jersey, or the New York suburbs.

  3. Thanks for going shopping with me Robin! These photos are adorable :) We don't do this enough. Guss Woolens next!

  4. I try to spread myself throughout the mid-Atlantic region :)

  5. You can tell the two of you are having a great time connecting in such an inspiring place. Wonderful pics, great friendship and also through a love of sewing and fashion.

  6. Tres cool! You guys are having too much fun! :)

  7. You both look like you are having a great time :))

  8. 'Sewing ladies don't bounce cheques.' Hilarious!


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