Saturday, June 25, 2011

see you on the other side!

I am a little busy these days ...

I am taking a break from sewing & blogging for just a little while.

Say goodbye to the countertop, green walls and almond appliances.
(Archie, "Have you thought of a black and white kitchen? A classic color combo!")

By the way, THANK YOU ALL for all the great suggestions to help my simple little dress.
I removed fabric from the neckline and it looks so much better!
I inserted a lining and it just needs a hem. yay.  
 Fiscal-year-end means I work all through the night on June 30, and straight through into early July. This year I am managing the whole she-bang, too.  I love my job.  And I love my hobbies, friends, family & home.  But something's gotta give!

So ...  I'll see you back here in a couple weeks.
In the meantime, Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh Robin, I sympathize with you and feel like I am at the same point in my life...I have been so busy with life in general and have had so little time to sew or do "anything" else other than feel like I am keeping my head above water. I can't believe I have hardly sewn at all this year. ...hoping this will change real soon....( my daughters husband comes back from Afghanistan very soon and they will be moving out in has been wonderful having my daughter and new grandson living with us while he was away~ and I imagine that I will miss them all so much when they move out but I will again have more time on my hands is very bittersweet..
    Hope you have a smooth end year and I look foward to you posting ~ I enjoy reading your blog :))

  2. I think everyone is very busy at this time of year so good luck and see you soon.

    BTW I love how you changed your dress. Looks much better.

  3. Lol! Love that donkey picture. Yes, it sounds like your plate is full, two times over. Good luck!

  4. Whew! I am glad it is only a few weeks! I'll miss you.

  5. Look after yourself and see you soon.

  6. I bet there will be a a lot of us sitting tight - waiting for you to have the sime to post again!
    Have fun with everything else while you're not blogging :D

    (hehe - the word verification's 'craftsi')

  7. Have a productive time! See you whenever. (Beauty of using an RSS feed.).

  8. Memories of year end still cause me to feel exhausted. Take care of yourself! The dress looks great now!! That's a great picture of kittie and husband(I assume). Good luck with the kitchen. That donkey picture is a creative classic. I'll miss you!!

  9. I truly understand Robin!!! It's fiscal year end for me as well and it wont end until the end of July!! I'm working non-stop as well. Good Luck!!

  10. Good luck! We'll see you when you can re-emerge! :)

  11. Will miss you!!! Take care of yourself and look forward to your return.

  12. Will miss you!!! Take care of yourself and look forward to your return.

  13. Good luck with getting everything done, hopefully on time as well! Good for you for recognizing your priorites.


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