Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jacket a month: an idea with more details

There are better photos of this cute jacket online now.   And look, it is not a peplum as I first guessed.  It is a simple princess seam bodice with only one button at the waist.  Perhaps on the high side of the actual waist - one would choose the most flattering level for one's own body proportions.
It is the angled welt pocket, pointing upwards towards a single button,  that provides the attractive waistline detail

Very simple in the back - it doesn't look lined, does it?  Nice and cool for summer!  
I would turn to one of my already-fitted-to-me jacket patterns and make alterations to achieve the look, but you could try Butterick 5647.  The back on B5647 is just like the back on the jacket I just finished.  (I'll post about that as soon as I have pictures!)  I like B5647's back for the shaping provided in the horizontal yoke seam and the vertical princess seams.
To get the shorter style, I'd remove length between those dashed horizontal lines I added
to the picture, near the waistline.  You'd keep the cute shape of the hem that way.

Another already-fitted-to-me pattern is Vogue 8044.  It that has the same sort of lapels as the inspiration jacket.  It would be very easy for me to use that pattern, with modifications to widen and lengthen the lapels to a single button closure.  Adding welt pockets would be easy.  I'll keep mulling, but I really like this jacket!  And I have 2 pieces of fabric that are just right for this jacket.
Hey, is that a little pucker I see near the sleeve head?

That pucker makes me feel so good!  Why?  If I had sewn that it, would drive me crazy, but this changes my perspective.  I didn't even notice the pucker until now, so I think I will let myself off the hook next time there is a pucker in one of my own home-sewn creations.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Cute jacket. And the pocket is interesting how it gives the waist definition.
    Years ago, I took a couture sewing course and one assignment was to find ten photos of clothes in fashion mags that had defects of workmanship in them. At first, I couldn't find any; but I could soon find fault with almost everything.
    That said, being too picky is not good. Life is short.

  2. As sewists we can be so "hard" on ourselves. I can be sooooo that I "know it all". Ha.

    Have you considered the jacket in pattern 8178? I know you like jackets, and this one, in the correct fabric is most intriguing.

  3. Mm, I recently took a photo of an Amani jacket that had a pucker at the end of a welt pocket just to remind me it doesn't have to be perfect :) I like how your inspiration jacket has a pocket to give that waist definition.

  4. Nothing wrong with striving for perfection, but we shouldn't always expect it. I am in love with your inspiration jacket. It's now on my spring summer sewing list.


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