Thursday, June 9, 2011

a chat with Denise Calhoun

How did I learn to sew?  If you about my age, I bet we learned exactly the same way!!
Barbie Dolls were involved. You can read the interview on the lovely Denise Calhoun's blog the Blue Gardenia.

Sewing can be learned at any age and get good results.  I am so impressed with the explosion of blogs by women who are basically teaching themselves with help from the internet.  My Happy Sewing Space is where I go to explore new-to-me blogs.  Debi has the longest blogroll yet!

My ten-year-old niece is interested in sewing matching outfits for herself and her American Doll.  We have plans for summer sewing lessons.  When Maggie found out, she decided to join us (yay!) and I sure am looking forward to teaching them both more about sewing!

Thanks, Denise for another opportunity to chat with you!


  1. I read the post last night. It was fun to learn all about you!

  2. I read the post last night - very fun.

  3. The interview was great. I am not as accomplished a seamstress as you, but I feel I have some things in common. I'm about the same age and began to sew just before Jr. Hi. I did take Home Ec (it was required), but I already knew how to sew. It would have been a disaster otherwise.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have similar plans for my oldest grandaughter this summer. We are both so excited.

    Off to check out your interview!

  5. I was smiling at your story of how your mom would balk at buying clothes for you but was quite happy to buy fabric. Mine was the same, and also very supportive of my efforts. What a great encouraging technique!

  6. It was wonderful to learn a little bit more about you. I also smiled about your mom being willing to buy fabric. In my case, it was my father who could never say no to my wishes for fabric.

  7. Oh, The Hojnackes, did you notice the background in the photo of my maternity dress? I was living in the same city you live now! :)

    And yes, it makes me smile, too that sewing was encouraged our parents who footed the fabric bill. Nowadays, my mom says, "You really don't need any more fabric!" LOL

    Bunny, I am so excited, too. I have the Joan Hinds book "All Dolled Up". I notice she is an author you mention on your blog (tried to leave a comment on you blog last night and blogger was finicky)

    Lori, such a coincidence that Denise posted this so soon after our very enjoyable podcast. I hope I didn't repeat myself too much ;)

  8. I read a lot of sewing blogs; I like to see what home sewers are doing and to learn about local resources. But I think that, when possible, taking some sewing and tailoring courses at a good school is invaluable.

    I particularly like your blog because you explore your fitting issues. The classes I've taken didn't treat fitting for real people. I've started working with a private sewing teacher because I have no fitting buddy.

    I'm your age. My mother was sewing illiterate. All I remember about Sewing in junior high school is that I didn't fail it. The teacher must have been incredibly indulgent. As I recall, most of the time I could barely get the bobbin threaded. In a class of 30+ students, I wasn't going to get much attention. Of course there was no sewing machine at home for me to practice on.

    Renee on the Miss Celie's Pants blog is also working on an American Doll project for her niece.

  9. My granddaughter will be here tomorrow while I'm making her flower girl dress. She loves to drape on my mannequin. I'm sure we will make something for her doll as well. She is 6 1/2 and shows an interest in learning to sew! It should be a fun day!


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