Friday, June 10, 2011

Archie's button choice for Jacket #5

During construction of Jacket #5, Archie discovered the puck-like quality of the buttons and enjoyed a few nocturnal hockey games.   She mentioned the buttons were a little too heavy for that jacket anyway.
I found something a little lighter.  I chose gray attempting to make the jacket versatile.  Red probably looked better, but that's how I rolled on that one.

This post probably should be entitled "Design Changes I made to the Jalie 2680 City Coat pattern". (by the way, she did not eat the buttons.  She saved them in an undisclosed location for future hockey games)
Here you can see the buttons along with the other design changes made to the Jalie City Coat pattern.
Opinions?  I am not sure the larger buttons look any better than a smaller button would look, maybe it's even too busy?  Or too many buttons?  Archie didn't weigh in on that, so let me know your thoughts.  Another thing I am on the fence about is the princess seam crossing over the bust apex.  I think it's a great solution for anyone difficult to fit in the bust area, and my fit was definitely better after making the change.  Also this made it easy to just cut an extra piece of the center front panel and use that as a facing.  I also used the yoke as a neckline facing, which made construction a breeze.

But, maybe I could move the seams back out and add wee little darts  for bust shaping?  Opinions?

On to the collar. 
I am 100% sold on this type of collar.  It gives me the height I need and it's quick and easy to sew.  I learned about this collar when I sewed Kelly's coat in January - I used her RTW coat to make the pattern.
So that's it!  Off to work I trot!
*Happy Sewing, all*


  1. Thanks for that useful collar tip. I have a wonderful Kwik Sew jeans jacket pattern that I have modified until I love it dearly....but it could definitely benefit from a collar stand. As for buttons, I like the new ones a great deal.

  2. I like the big buttons, I dislike only the color. They seem too serious near this gorgeous jacket.
    I prefer also the princess line over the apex, without the darts. It's more clean.
    But that's only my opinion... and I've seen only photos. The real colors are always different ;)

  3. Archie told me that a couple of buttons are under the fridge and the others are under the stove. ;) And she'd appreciate it if you or Howie would get them out from under there for her, so she could play along with the Bruins/Canucks tonight at 8.

    I like gray for buttons. the jacket is really great, BTW

  4. Thanks for the info about the collar--it sounds so much simpler and cleaner to sew than the normal way of sewing collar and then sandwiching between the two halves of the stand. Fun fabric for a jacket!


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