Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prom dress -inner foundation

This prom dress has a lining.  It consists of a simplified bra with a long slip attached to the bottom edge of the bra.  My stash is a place of miracles!  I have a bra pattern, the right materials and even the exact same type of lining fabric in the purchased dress.  You may recall that the recipient purchased a prom dress and brought it to me for alterations.  I suggested a whole new dress would be easier and look way better.  I was able to use the purchased dress to create the pattern and to note construction techniques.
The pattern comes from Bra-Makers Supply in Canada - and I highly recommend this pattern.

The cups are sewn and there are 2 layers.  One layer is sewn from the lining fabric and the other is sewn from a firm power-net.  The bra band also uses a firm power-net.  There will be no closure in the back.  I also have the correct size underwires (stash of miracles- YAY!) so I'll install them.  She will have to step into this dress and pull it up.  That goodness for elastic!  The underwires can always be yanked back out if she doesn't like them.

I blurred out the actual measurements, out of consideration for her privacy.  I bet she would not care, though, because she seems very accepting of what she calls her endowments.  And I know it has not been easy to get to this point.  As they say, if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.  I am a big proponent of neutralizing feelings.  

The opposite of hate is not love - it is indifference.  

Sewing has given me the gift of accepting my body.  Take the energy spent on hating the body part, and channel it towards finding a solution.  The more I work to solve the clothing challenge, the less concerned I am with the measurement variation that brought me here to the sewing room.  In so doing, my negative feelings seem to have dissolved.  That's when, where and how I come to accept my body.  That's just my particular journey - your mileage may vary.

[And yes, I know it is ridiculous to hate being tall - believe me, I have learned not to complain about that one because I get a lot of eye-rolling.  Ha!]

At any rate, 
every girl deserves a prom dress made to her measurements!

Back to the sewing room, more to come ...


  1. Sewing has made me more accepting of my figure. It's also helped me see that everyone has fitting issues and no one is "average." I am sure this will be a fantastic prom dress.

  2. I agree. Sewing has also helped me to have a better attitude about my particular figure. Even to like it, maybe. ;)

    You are so nice to do this for her!

    And I will try, very hard, not to roll my eyes at anyone who complains about being tall. ;)

  3. wow! I'm having a bona fide Oprah type ahah moment. My acceptance of my body quirks also has followed my ability to read and fit my body. I have never thought of that but you are so right on here. As I have learned each fold and dimple and how to make fabric skim over it, I have learned to accept it. Wow! Thanks so much for this awakening, Robin.

  4. I'll bet the dress will be fab! She is a lucky girl and wise, too.

    I'm also quite tall, and my DD is 2 inches taller at 6'. I don't believe I've ever made anything without adding 4-7" in length (skirts/pants) or 2-3" to bodice length. I'm used to my height, now, but I still sometimes feel like a tranny when I don my size 11 shoes with 3+" heels--not that there's anything wrong with that!

  5. Peggy, that's hilarious!

    Bunny - I am happy to be your personal Oprah anytime :D,

    Sharon, it's the thought that counts :)

    Karin, isn't it eye-opening to see that everyone has their fitting issues? Yes, there are some who need very little in the way of alterations, but they are in the minority, I bet.

  6. I took on the challenge of drafting my own jean pattern a couple of months ago. I had this epiphany that my hips aren't big, my thighs are just thin. All of a sudden I was looking at my body with a glass is half full attitude and it made me dang happy :). That is why sewing is so great. When you buy ready to wear and it doesn't fit right it is so easy to assume that the issue is with your body.

  7. This amazes me. I can't wait to see the finished product. Your niece is quite a lucky gal!

  8. Wow, it's really coming along nicely! It's so wonderfully generous for you to do this for her. I can't wait to see her modeling your creation!

    I have always hated being short and having big feet. I can't do anything about it except wear heels to mitigate both "problems".

  9. You've been working so diligently on that prom dress - I think it's a work of art and know it will be beautiful when finished. A custom made prom dress is nothing to sneeze at.

  10. Stash of miracles - I love that! And I agree, acceptance bring peace.

  11. A built in bra is much more comfortable than boning. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.


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