Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interview Podcast on Sew Forth Now

You probably read Girls in the Garden blog and listen to podcasts on Sew Forth Now.  Lori is someone you see often in the comments of many blogs.  That made me feel like I already know her - and I was pleased to speak with her last night.  She has already loaded the interview and you can check it out here:

You can download at iTunes just search "Sew Forth Now" or directly each episode via libsyn
Show notes at

We talked a lot about attending Couture Boot Camp. It was a pleasure, Lori!! Thanks for enjoyable conversation!

The podcast is about 45 minutes long and our conversation starts about 10 minutes in, running 30 minutes or so. 
Confession time:

I am a late adopter of Apple products and I didn't have an iTunes account or the necessary software to listen to these podcasts til recently.  I found I can leave it running and listen to it while I do other things.  It's fun!

OK, gotta run... I am running late and I have a very long day of work ahead of me.
It's that time if year when I get busy and work long hours, so please do a little sewing for me, ok?
Happy Sewing!!


  1. I noticed a new podcast popped up when I opened my iPad this morning...will listen to it soon! But isn't it fun being interviewed by Lori? It's like talking with a girlfriend.

  2. Thank you,Robin, it was great talking to you. I know what I am saving my money for!

  3. Dear Robin, it was great to hear your voice. You two had a great conversation, it was fun!


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