Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy colors and blooming flowers

Have you noticed my preference for neutral colors?  It's hard to define my style.  I like to be comfortable. Being appropriately dressed for the occasion may be my top priority.  The project on my table today is a glorious floral in bright pinks and reds.  It celebrates the arrival of beautiful warm, sunny weather and the bloom of spring.
This will be a hip length, long sleeved, casual jacket.
Meanwhile, it is Mother's Day in the US.  Actually, it has been more like Mother's Week for me, because the implementation of my gift to my mother required some planning and then a day spent with the Verizon man at her house.  (What a sweetie he was, too!!)  Short story: I have already enjoyed the gift of a long, lovely day with my mother on Friday.  This afternoon's family gathering is just icing on the cake.

And me, well, I am a mother, too!  I get loads of love from my daughter, so often, that I won't miss it if I don't hear from her today.  Am I bragging?  I hope not!  I am just so happy at this stage of my life.  I often feel that middle age is /has been the most rewarding time in my case.  For example, I was not a professional athlete who now lives with the injuries.  I am glad to be a late bloomer!
My daughter has completed her contract with the English school in Korea.  She will board a flight to Bangkok soon, where she begins months of low-budget travel throughout Southeast Asia with friends.  Plans are for her to return permanently to the US in August 2011.  {Yes, I am looking forward to having her back in my time zone!}   I sure did love visiting Korea, though, so ...

...on that note...

I think of you, readers.  I don't even know most of you but I read my blog stats and I know you live in many different places and some of you have lives very different from mine.  I am so pleased to share my sewing with you and wish you all the best today, wherever you are and whatever the day holds in store.
Thank you so much for being there! I love blogging.


update: heard from my daughter :)


  1. The fabric looks lovely!

    Have a great Mothers Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you. Can't wait to see the jacket, the fabric looks pretty.

  3. That fabric is gorgeous! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  4. Nice post! Happy Mother's Day Robin!

  5. I agree that middle age is a nice place to be. Whomever refered to it as "the wrong side of 40" was mistaken! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! xo

  6. Happy Mother's day and so happy that Laura is on her way back home.

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you!! That fabric definitely is happy colors and blooming fabrics. I look forward to seeing the jacket.

  8. Those are definitely happy colors! I love blogging too and am so glad you are sharing all your sewing energy and creations with us! Happy Mom's Day!

  9. Robin, I'm one of the readers you don't know (but I'm trying to get into the habit of participating). I also had a happy pre-Mother's day with my own mother on Friday. That day I wore a jacket that I made from the blue wool denim that you recommmended ages ago. Thank you for that inspiration and thank you for such a nice post.

  10. Very happy colors indeed. And such a sweet note from your daughter. Perfect on mothers day.

  11. That fabric looks lovely, very pretty and spring-like!

  12. Oh, Robin, it's so true about enjoying the middle years! Sounds like it was a fabulous day for celebrating so many good things. And I'm in love with that fabric...reminds me of all the azaleas in bloom.


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