Monday, May 30, 2011

Fashion Design Studio Makeover - UPDATE

Click here to see more "after" pictures on Manhattan Nest.  Daniel Kanter designed workspace for Daniel Vosovic's (of Project Runway fame)  fashion studio in NYC.  Sufficient space is a luxury - look at all those shelves just the right size for bolts of fabric.  Hmmm, I want to touch that fabric.  I wonder what it will become?
 The studio is much more stylish now!  Wouldn't it be fun to sit by the windows, drink coffee and hang out, watching motivated people hard at work.  Yes, I would find that entertaining.

I want to thank you for your wonderfully supportive and appreciative comments on the prom dress I sewed for Maggie.  It was so rewarding for both of us.

Happy sewing, friends -

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  1. That looks like a cool setup. The plant adds character, I think.


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