Saturday, March 12, 2011

the year of coats and jackets

Fueled with a sense of accomplishment (Kelly's coat and my military jacket) I turn my attention to the sky (you know, that place where the limit is?)

And here are some jackets /coats that appeal to me.  First up - how about a nice guipure lace jacket underlined with a lighter silk.  This could be dressed up or down, no?
Or how about something textural in a different vein.  This looks like wool jersey that has been pre-treated in hot water.  I think.  Not quite boiled wool, but definitely warm and comfortable.  What do you think?

This photo comes from a foodie website and I zoomed in on the pretty cardigan.  I especially like the way it looks layered over the colorful camisole.

And I love the length of the sleeves and the hem on this beautiful floral print.  This makes me want to jump on a bus to spend the day shopping for fabric in New York City.  I want freshness!

And with March 17 around the corner, I need this.  I really do.  It looks like it might be a boucle?  I don't usually wear bright green, but I think the right shade might work on me.

Well, it's good to have some ideas tucked away.  I am almost finished with a couple of shirts and I'll sneak some photos soon.  Shirts are so very useful and I wear them a lot.  But not exactly exciting to sew.
I need more pants, too.  Not very exciting, either, but necessary.  Those boring shirts and pants are pretty darn exciting when I am getting dressed in the morning!  

Been super busy and kinda missed you'all on the internetz.  I hope to have some fun stuff soon.  In the meantime, happy sewing!


  1. Those are some pretty jackets, Robin. I especially like the first two!

    I'm taking a break from jackets and working on tops/pants.

  2. I also really like the first two! The last green coat is also appealing, but I am hoping that Spring is just around the corner!

  3. I like the second one, the seaming is so interesting! I might be tempted to do away with the leaves though, that's just me.

    You're so right about pants and tops. Quietly rewarding, no real whiz bang until you need to get dressed.

  4. They're all nice, but my preference is for the first. It seems the most timeless.

    With the second one, the embellishments would have to be perfect, otherwise it could look very hand crafty.

  5. I know what you mean about sewing the basics...they aren't as jazzy as sewing a coat or a knock off dress but needed so much more in a daily wardrobe.

  6. All very nice but I like the second (with the leaves) and the green boucle best.
    Sometimes we just have to make the 'boring' stuff. But you are right in saying it isnt so boring when you are rushing to dress in the morning!

  7. I like all your jacket choices. To me, jackets are what "make" an outfit. Can't have too many of them.

  8. I like the grey jacket. I wonder if it is boiled wool or what Burda calls loden cloth. And the cardigan with the double scalloped edge lace on the diagonal. It is so feminine. Burda magazine had a jacket a couple of years ago that was the style of your demim wool jacket, but they layered the lace over a solid base fabric and treated the two fabrics as one to construct the jacket. It looked great. Of course if you are looking for an excuse to go to NY fabric shopping, you've got a good on IMHO.

  9. I love the floral jacket and the green one, and would wear them 4 sure!!! You have a very cool blog, it reminds me of hours spent with my mom at the fabric store looking at Butterick and Macalls patterns, maybe where some of my love for clothes came from. It must be so fulfilling to make them yourself. I'm impressed!

    I'll also enjoy following you!
    BYW student, desha

  10. Lovely inspirational pictures. I can see the lace jacket being dressed up or down, and see now how that inspires you to working with lace.


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