Monday, March 21, 2011

What's the fascination with guipure lace, anyway?

Why did I search high and low for guipure lace? 

I found my answer in the pages of Bridal Couture, by Susan Khalje.
see the edges of the pages on the left? that is guipure lace!
Do you see those images in the book?  On the left hand side of the pages?  Susan Khalje inserted subliminal messages in her book!  That must be what happened!  (also, on the clothesline, that is guipure lace on the bottom left.)

I read this book, in its entirety back in 2004 as I designed and sewed my own wedding ensemble.  I ended up using Chantilly lace, but I promised myself I'd come back and sew other fine garments for myself using techniques from this book. 

Now I understand why I was so determined to sew with guipure.  I had gazed upon it for many, many hours! 
another cell phone pic of my dark blue /kinda slate gray guipure lace
I promise these are the last cell phone pics you'll have to see for a while.  I was finally reunited with my Nikon and I am looking forward to using it more.
One of the reasons I finally invested in a DSLR camera is so I can take nice photographs during the workshop with Susan next week.  Yep, I am enrolled in couture sewing class with Susan Khalje and it starts this Saturday.  That is why I have been so interested in finding just the right project.

It doesn't get much better than this!

On another note, I am reading a book right now called The Happiness Project, based on the very popular blog of the same name.  It turns out I am already doing almost everything recommended to be happy.
I spend virtually all of my time, energy and resources on my passions.  Sewing, of course, is a passion.
And blogging - blogging has become a passion, too.  I have so many more ideas thanks to you!  In your comments you have pointed me to more resources and pattern ideas.  Thank you so much for following and discussing.

Happy Sewing!


  1. You are getting nice pictures off a cell phone. The lace is stunning! I am looking forward to your blog posts on the couture class with Susan Khalje.

  2. I have to check out that book and blog.

    I do like sewing, but at the moment I'm really absorbed by the musical things I've been doing. I wish I had time to do it all. I'm looking forward to reading about your class. (And I'm so jealous that you got to meet Peter!)

  3. I wish you a perfect time in the couture class! You're so lucky for such an opportunity. Of course, will be dying to see what you produce there.

  4. You work as a business analyst, is that right? Is that also a passion?

    Been fun following your blog, I joined the crowd a few weeks ago.


  5. I love the guipure lace. I worked on a strapless dress with matching bolero made from midnight navy guipure lace and a very pale / soft pink silk charmeuse underneath at Sit N Sew with Susan last year. Learning from Susan is just fantastic. I'm looking forward to your creation.

  6. Have a fantastic time at the workshop, looking forward to hearing more about that. I think guipure is my favourite type of lace and yours looks stunning.

  7. Karin, thank you! If the light is right, an iphone does a pretty good job of photos.
    Harriet, I am happy to hear you are busy with music.
    Anono- I love analyzing and problem-solving, so yes my job adds to my happiness!
    Rosie, oh wow! that sounds just amazing! It sounds like I am following in your footsteps, to some extent, anyway~
    AllisonC, yes I agree- guipure is special.

  8. Hi :) LOVE your blog :) I am SO jealous....Your workshop this weekend :) I am a professional seamstress (in Southeastern Ohio) and I have her book..You are doing a FANTASTIC job with your sewing :) GOOD FOR YOU :) Best wishes from Cheryl :)

  9. THe lace is magnificent. I am a fan of all items lace. I too read 'The Happiness Project' and loved it. You have such a beautiful blog!

  10. I'm so jealous of you and your upcoming workshop with Susan. She is a most talented and generous teacher. I can't wait to see what you do there.

  11. Beautiful lace, I'm looking forward to your creations.
    Enjoy your class, sounds wonderful!

  12. Certainly I have many looking forward to seeing your next projects in the classes of haute couture and share with you all your passions ...

  13. Hi, I'm Megan, popping in from BYW. I've always loved the delicate and intricate quality of lace. When we visited Italy for the first time, we travelled around and one of the places we stayed was on a little island in the middle of Lago Trasimeno in the district of Umbria. The women of that particular area are lace workers and I still remember the beauty of seeing them, from the young to the old nonnas, sitting outside their homes working on their lace pieces!
    regards, Megan

  14. Hi!

    Is guipure lace the same as cotton lace?

    1. Hi Jenny, guipure lace is not the same as cotton lace.
      The term refers to the method-
      per wikipedia
      "The stitching area is stitched with embroidery threads that form a continuous motif. Afterwards, the stitching areas are removed and only the embroidery remains. The stitching ground is made of water-soluble or non heat-resistant material."


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