Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lace jacket inspiration

Thank you for your feedback on the various jackets and the laces.  Your opinions are helpful.
In addition to lace,  I am looking around for style inspiration.   Here is a beauty:

I found it on Lyst, click here. And have you heard of Pinterest?  It is a website where you create inspiration boards of images found online.  When you sign up, and follow the instructions, you wind up with a little button in your toolbar. When you see an image you like, just click the "Pin It" icon and select the image to bookmark.  What's nice is that it retains the link and other information you'd like to save.  Here is a link to my collection of ideas for lace jackets.
There are some hand knitted sweaters in there, but that would be too straight forward, wouldn't it?!
No, no knitting...  I want to search for a woven lace and line it with silk, preferably using new-to-me techniques.  Otherwise, what's the point?
Am I right?

Happy searching,
happy sewing!


  1. Lovely jacket. I hadn't heard of Pinterest, but I'll check it out in more detail later. It sort of reminds me of, which is another web service that permits users to clip images and assemble them in collections that can be searched by others.

    A similar concept is It's a commercial site, but I use it mainly for inspiration, saving clothes I'd like to copy.

    I save my web clips and other images (they are easily scanned in) to The basic subscription is free and it provides a lot of space. I've upgraded for $5 a month or $45 for the year for more space (you can always downgrade without losing your stuff).

    Anytime I see something interesting, I clip and tag it. The notes are easily searchable.

  2. My favorites, from your page, were the red lace jacket and the navy lace blazer.

  3. A new sewing video blog you may like.

  4. Neat site. The jacket I like best is the one you posted directly on your blog. I like the way it is casually styled with jeans.

  5. Like this jacket. Thanks for sharing information about Pinterest. I am definitely going to try that out.

  6. Thanks for the link to Pintrest, didn't realize there was a waiting list though, boo, I wanted to get started right away!

    And thanks for the link to Fashioned via one of your photos, very inspirational!

    Will be watching your lace jacket come to fruition. I'm always very dubious about lace, it can be very good or very, very bad but I like the jacket idea.

  7. This reminds me I need to wear my Pradaesque lace jacket more often.

  8. I just made a lace jacket that turned out nicely. I machine-sewed the seams, which was fine.

  9. Pinterest is so cool! I like this one:

  10. I have been following your blog with interest. I thought I'd let you make a lace jacket first and then copy. Interesting timing... I just heard about Pinterest from someone else yesterday!

  11. oooh, Claudine, thanks for sharing your jacket, I pinned it:)

    sewsister, just get on the waiting list. It took a couple weeks for me to get my account - worth the wait!

  12. Vogue 8543 jacket? It is different from the Chanel-inspired jacket you show, but I think it would be very flattering on you.

  13. Robin, you might want to check out my blog posts about the black cardigan jacket out of a unique open mesh fabric with mesh trim. I adapted the Loes Hinse Bergman Blouse pattern. It's pretty close to lace in terms of construction.

  14. Love the lace jacket you posted! Great with jeans! Can't wait to see what you do.

    Pinterest is a very cool site! Thanks for sharing.

  15. My husband adores lace - I think it aligns with his ideal of womanhood. I don't own a lace garment - perhaps I should please him with lace jacket. Love the idea of the lace mixed with a solid. and the frontpage image is devine.

  16. Wow, it's beautiful! I LOVE how you managed to make a lace jacket look good with jeans.


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