Monday, January 31, 2011

vintage coat - pattern alterations

This weekend I worked on pattern alterations to Butterick 4627 coat.

First, I traced it onto Swedish tracing paper.  Then I carefully folded the pattern and stored it.  It's so fragile, I don't want to damage it.

A quick comparison between McCall's 5145  and Butterick 4627 revealed the necessary shoulder /neckline and armscye adjustments necessary,

The darts are pinned out in the bust area of both patterns.

I am not sure what has possessed me to sew another coat so soon.  They are so big and bulky and generally annoying to handle.  The last one took more than 50 hours.  McCall's 5145 probably took a hundred hours, but I wear it almost every day.  None of my older coats are good enough for me now!

I hope I have enough fabric to make the long version.
We shall see!


  1. Big difference imho between a lighthearted 'jacket a month' where people seem to content to define as jackets a knit cardi :-), and a big heavy coat. I'm not sure more than one of those should be attempted per year, if that..
    Nobody here will tell if you decide not to be a masochist..

  2. I noticed in your previous post that you use weights to hold your pattern down while you trace, do you also use weights to hold down your pattern while you cut your fabric?

    I've always been curious about this, I've never been brave enough to cut without pinning the heck out of my pattern! I'm also terrified of using my olfa rotary cutter to cut my fashion fabric but Peter of MPB does it all the time, YIKES!

  3. Sewsister, Yes, I do use the patternweights and I cut with a rotary cutter.
    I used pins and scissors for years and years.
    You could always practice on scraps first!

    It's a motor skill that comes with practice. Give it a try and you'll get used to it before you know it!

  4. I love coats and jackets, you can never have too many!


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