Saturday, January 15, 2011

sewing along ...

There are a lot of sewalongs happening lately - isn't it great?  

Sunni's Trouser Sewalong,  JoanneM's The Great Vintage Sewalong,  Peter's Mens Shirt Sewalong,  Sewaholic's Pendrell Blouse, and Gertie's Crepe Sewalong, and Barbara's brilliant idea- The Never Too Many White Shirts Project.   This makes me feel optimistic about the future of our craft.

Rather than sewing another coat right away, I am considering something quick & easy to cleanse the palate.  Bonus - I can overlap the Great Vintage Sewalong with The Never Too Many White Shirts Project with this pattern:

Isn't it pretty and feminine?  I got from Barbara when she posted a Pattern GiveAway.  Of course, I don't have suitable white fabric in the stash.  But - there is a big sale for the rest of the month at Michael's B&M fabric store, so maybe I can find a nice supple, sheer white fabric there.  

As I mentioned in my last post, there is a gown project on the horizon.  Perfect timing, too, because I am signed up for a weeklong sewing class with Susan Khalje the last week of March.  Who knows, maybe I will work on the gown that week?  We shall see....

Look at my sister - this is a person who can rock a sexy gown, is she not?   And you couldn't find a nicer, more deserving person.  

She is 6'1" and athletic, so she can pull off just about anything you might see on a red carpet.
The girls in the foreground are DD's BFF, DD, DSD & yours truly.  Sigh, I just noticed the hat says "drunken", doesn't it?  Such good wholesome girls, they are.  I'll just swish any disconcerting thoughts right out of my head!  
Beads, lace, silk, corselette!  

There!  I feel much better now!


  1. Your sister will look fabulous in a formal frock.
    He, he. I adore your mind cleansing mantra. My 13! year old daughter has been wearing a cap that says "Rainbow Beach Hotel" every since she caught it in the Santa parade before Christmas (Santa and his minions throw out sweets and freebies from businesses). Why she wants to wear it I do not know, but am looking forward to the start of the school year when she returns to her uniform

  2. I have no doubt that our craft wouldn't enjoy the resurrection it has without the internet.

  3. There's another sewalong happening over at Casey's Elegant Musings for a gorgeous swing dress - you can never have too much choice!

  4. A Susan Khalje workshop! I am green with envy. I just got her Bridal Couture book on CD and it makes me want to sew a gown (even though I have no need).

    That shirt pattern is darling.

  5. What a lovely family picture. Curious what dress you're making.
    Something quick and easy is always good after something like a coat project.


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