Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jacket-A-Month: January coat finished

the final hand-stitching

Final photo shoot - Monday evening.

* and now for a nap *  

1/24/2011 update: I did not use a commercial patterm. However, I did make a pattern - but it is an exact replica of the RTW coat.

And I am keeping this pattern becuase this coat would fit me with minor alterations and I like it!


  1. Glad you finished. Not so here. What pattern is the coat? I like it and couldn't find where you mentioned it.

  2. Hi Nancy, I copied from DSD's RTW coat. It just needed minor fitting alterations. I edited my post to a link about how I did it.
    I am pretty excited - we are meeting for dinner tonight and I can give her the coat while it is still cold enough to enjoy.

  3. Great picture of the last step. Good to have finished it and to be able to give it right away.


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