Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pre-treating fusible interfacing

I am certainly staying busy.  On Male Pattern Boldness, Peter asked whether some of us pre-treat our thread?  Oh, please.  (but he made me think.  that is not a good sign)

So!  I am very excited about my sewing plans.

I will be sewing TWO coats in January!  Yes, I am preparing for a big coat sewalong with myself.  I am sewing this vintage pattern and I decided to sew it in a beautiful dark teal wool.  I am saving the novelty coating white & charcoal (from my previous post) for another day.
AND, I am sewing a coat for Kelly, my stepdaughter.  She has a coat that dates back to her high school days (a real classic) and she just needs a new one.  Easy project because no decisions necessary - I am just going to replicate the existing coat (plus some minor fitting adjustments for her grown-up body). 

So, that is why I am  pre-treating a whole role of fusible interfacing.  The process has actually been pretty painless but, yeah, for a minute I thought, "what the heck have I gotten myself into?"  I bought the bolt at JoAnn's at a very low coupon /sale price quite a while back, so I am glad to make use of it.

OK, what else can I stir up around here?  I think that is quite enough.
Happy Almost New Year!! 

My crystal ball sees a lot of pressing in the near future.  And pattern work.  I need to prepare both patterns.  Yay for 4-day weekends!


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  1. Oh you've made me think too! I have not bothered pre-washing anything but have changed my mind about this. I've now washed all of my stash except three pieces of silk duponi and two pieces of chiffon. BUT I haven't done the fusible interfacing! OMG I thought I was so girl scout prepared!


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