Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift Exchange: check!

Here we are - Sharon wearing her new scarf and me with Weekend Sewing authored by Heather Ross.  Now, the best part - the book is signed by the author!  Does my face show how I felt to receive this gift?

Another best part, is that I had actually purchased the book and read it (ha, ha, sorry girls!) before gifting it to my nieces.  I bought it right after reading LindsayT's review on her blog.
I love the book just as much as Meg did and I am really happy to have my very own, personally signed copy.  Thank you Sharon!! And thank you Holly for playing photographer today with my iPhone.
Happy Holidays everyone-



  1. That is a very thoughtful gift and an extra treat to have it signed :)

    I like my book too!

  2. Exciting for you! Don't you just love the book?!

  3. Yes, I do love her book - her sewing area is so cute and stylish with her little Featherweight and awesome Necchi Lydia.

    And I love my co-workers!

  4. Happy holidays to you too! Safe trip.

  5. Lovely exchange. THe scarf is beautiful.


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