Thursday, December 30, 2010

dressing breautifully in custom fit clothing

There is a corner of my sewing room set aside for helping readers with your fit questions. We can all dress beautifully in custom fit clothing.  Not just passable, but beautiful.  Fitting is very hard to do on oneself.  It is much easier to fit another person's body (or accept help if you are getting too frustrated).
I have been working with a handful of you and it is fun.  I would love to post pictures of the fitting process for your bodice.  Each reader has given permission to post photos, but I haven't posted thes progress pictures yet.  I think the posts will be so much more interesting if there is a nice "after" shot.  The way it works, is I keep the pattern so I can fine-tune it.  Once it is finished, I mail you the pattern.  Then we can have more fashion fun by showing how to use those blocks to adjust commercial patterns.


  1. Hi Robin. You have had a great year with fitting! Looking forward to seeing the coats. Best wishes for 2011!

  2. "The 3 Steps of Custom Fitting" - I have that problem - would rather sew for my daughter (fitting a breeze) than start my garments, as the need to fit properly is always the challenge (am going to put that bra on my Diana) and see how I go - but I would love a muslin.

  3. What a lovely service to offer to others with your custom fitting help.
    I wish I could take you up on your offer but I'm afraid it would be too expensive and too drawn-out a process to post overseas.
    I will be a very interested observer of others you do muslins for ;)

  4. I am *cracking up* about the "what to tell your husband" part. ;)

  5. What a great service to provide helping others with their fitting problems - I think there is a real need for this, and I bet your help is much appreciated.
    I really admire your dedication pre-shrinking your fusing like that!
    Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

  6. What a wonderful idea. Claire from "Claire Kennedy Design" helped me with fitting my dress form and it worked really well (sending pictures back and forth, no muslin)
    I appreciated her help and I am sure your sewing friends will too :))
    I look forward to seeing your progress posts.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Wow, I think it is so neat that you are willing and able to help with fitting issues. I look forward to seeing your up and coming coats and all your creations in 2011. May you have a joy-filled New Year!

  8. Someone who can fit is in high demand. Great that you can, and are willing to help. But please, don't make me shrink my thread because-well, I just can't! Happy New Year!

  9. I agree with the other posters. Help with fitting is a wonderful service. You are a very generous person to offer your expertise. (though I imagine you might also be tired of seing others in unattractively fitting garments!) Thanks for your help in making the world a more beatiful place. :)

  10. LOL Carrie!

    No, I don't get tired of seeing others in unfitted clothing when I am allowed to help.
    The hard part is seeing it on a stranger in public and there is nothing I can do.

    I love that idea - making the world a more beautiful place, lol.

  11. The interfacing BI reminds me of my own adventure with some muslin...some 20 yards of muslin!

    I had to run it back and forth on the lines in the back yard.

  12. I'd love to get help with creating a basic bodice/set-in-sleeve pattern that would fit me. (if I had that much, I could then create custom variations myself, just getting that far seems so difficult) What is the cost for your fitting assistance?

  13. Lovely selection of toilet literature. :-) Happy new year!

  14. Anne LO-


    Alison, there is no charge.
    Contact me at alittlesewing at gmail dot com

    let's talk it over!
    Happy New Year

  15. I realize this is an older post, but I am just diving into really getting a good fit. If you are still doing this, I would love to have the long distance help. I can do some of these things on patterns that mostly fit, but I am having trouble with patterns that don't come in my size and having to do more than just move a dart or tweak a seam.
    Your site in encouraging me to just go for it and make a bunch of errors in pursuit of knowledge and skill!

    1. Hi Regena, I am afraid I don't have time any more but you might try
      The Consulting Dressmaker

      and keep surfing the sewing blogs. There is a lot of information online. Just go for it!


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