Tuesday, November 9, 2010

vintage coat pattern and Blue Gardenia

Pagoda shoulders?  Doesn't that sound interesting! Thank you to Carole for posting a comment with that link to Jeffery Dudich's blog, Made by Hand.  When I catch a glimpse of myself in the gray coat, I notice there is a bit of pagoda shape, and I like it, I like it!  It is a good look for me to pursue - obviously it will be a pretty natural fit for my particular skeletal structure.  Also, I got an email from another reader with specific information from a fitting book and I really appreciate it.  All of the comments you leave are helping refine my efforts at shoulder fitting and it is wonderful to make some progress in this area.

The idea of pagoda shoulders caused me to linger over this pattern- it is from the 1940's and I found it on Denise Calhoun's wonderful site for vintage patterns, The Blue Gardenia.   Her blog, where we have been enjoying her series on sewing spaces,  is The Blue Gardenia learns to sow her blossoms.  My sewing room is featured there today.  Denise envies me my Wolf dress form and all I can say is, yep it is pretty awesome!  Oh, and my kittehs are trained attack cats, by the way. 
Because my fitting confidence is rising (thank you readers!!), and because these are pagoda-ish shoulders and because it looks soooo cosy, and I love everything about it, I bought this pattern from her:
The seamline on the shoulder (the one perpendicular to the shoulder seam) is exactly one of the places where Jeffery Dudich advises as an opportunity for fitting the scooped shoulder.  You can see how that pattern had to belong to me, can't you?
It is a size 10 with a 30 inch bust, ha ha ha!! But I am very interested in seeing the pattern pieces and the instructions.  I think I can make my own pattern using my blocks if I have the design details and instructions to study.  And I have a gorgeous dark teal wool fabric that would be divine in this pattern. 
When I will sew it? 
Only the mojo knows for sure! 


  1. I have always loved this coat, and I am excited I'll be seeing it made up when the mojo is ready! The Butterick and McCall coat patterns of the 1940s are my favorites. They are wearable, timeless and have such interesting details.

    Thanks for being part of the series! I'm so happy you agreed.

  2. What a great coat pattern. I love your sewing room. Note to self - must tidy sewing area.

  3. "Only the mojo knows for sure!" Haha! Well put.

    I think the coat will look great. Then again, I'm partial to the era.

  4. That is a nice pattern - I love the way the back yoke continues into the bust dart. I bet it takes a bit of yardage though...!

  5. Lovely pattern! I only wish I could wear such an item! I'm afraid it would overwhelm me :(. I will be waiting to see your finished product!!

  6. Lovely pattern indeed. And how nice to see your sewing room. Didn't know we had the same sewing machine (or forgotten).

  7. I love that blog too, although sometimes it's over my head. I love your new pattern. it would be great in your teal fabric.


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