Friday, November 26, 2010

Pajama Sewalong - started

Two Hours = 2 pairs of PJ pants.

Ann decided we should sew pajamas!  And she started on Wednesday night.  That, I cannot imagine-  I was shopping in a craft store for centerpiece doo-dads on Wednesday night.  We hosted 14 friends and family on Thanksgiving day.  I pushed all the living room furniture out of the way and set up 2 long tables end-to-end.  The table cloth was made from upholstery fabric.  And my doo-dads?  Can you believe I paid $4.99 for a bag of pinecones?  I am a little embarrassed about that, but it was dark outside!  How could I go foraging for pine cones in the dark?  It looked pretty, though.  Anyway, suffice to say- I had a very busy 36 hours that ended last night at 10pm.  It was pretty wonderful, actually.

Back to my pajamas, I was glad to have a nudge from Ann to get these pajamas sewn.  These fabrics have been patiently waiting to become pajamas.  The pink flowered pants in front are sewn with cotton I bought at Dongdaemun when I visited Seoul last February.  The red-flowered pants are sewn with a Robert Kaufman cotton found on the remnant table (BeeBee calls it the Wall of Fabric) at G Street Fabrics. 

I like a label in the back of my pants so I know which way to put them on.  I made these little labels using scraps from a previous project (see this fabric here) and now I am in love with my PJ pants.

 Tomorrow I will use the baby blue knit to sew pajama tops. 
 Which pattern will I use?  To be determined.
Happy Sewing!


  1. Well don't feel bad - I got nothing done today. DS the elder decided to have an impromptu screening of Mulan at our house, so I spent the day cleaning and shopping for snacks. Then I stayed downstairs (in the living room away from the teenagers) to chaperone.

    Tomorrow for sure!

  2. I love your labels. How did you make them. I would love to have "dry clean only" labes but I don't want to buy a million of them. Yours are so cute! PJ's are very cute too.

  3. Brenda, I used scraps of fabric from a previous project and I added a link to the post. While I suppose one could find quilting fabrics with cute little sayings, to use as I have done, somehow I doubt "dry clean only" would be among the clever little phrases :)
    I am not sure where to find such labels in small quantities.
    Maybe someone who knows will post a comment?

  4. Very sweet pjs. I love the little message labels.

  5. Those are super jammie pants. Love your labels! They give your jammies a special touch!

  6. How about these?

  7. Great Pj's for this colder weather!! Love the fabric.

  8. Oh I love your prints. The blue knit will coordinate so well. Super cute!

  9. Thanks, brickbats. I love them and am trying to order them. The UK doesn't like my USA address! I can't register to order so I contacted them for help. We'll see. I will persevere.

  10. Update for brickbats: I finally got my address listed how misi wanted it. Then I purchased the dry clean only labels and was told they are not approved to be shipped overseas! No labels for me then! Now I know they are out there though so there is still hope!

  11. I do like the flower fabric that you used for the PJ pants very much. I should start looking for something like this. :)


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