Friday, November 12, 2010

answering a reader question: about seam allowances

A reader emailed me with a question about fitting.  During the discussion, I think she answered her own question.  Along the way, the subject of seam allowances came up. It made me think ...
Thinking => Create Pictorial!

Keeping my TNT patterns in this raw state - without seam allowances, allows me to make changes quickly & easily.  I use an Olfa rotary cutter (RTY-1/G) with an attached guide arm to add my seam allowances.

You know I am trained as an accountant, right?  Hmm, 5 pictures * 1,000 words.
I think I just wrote a 5,000 word blog post.

Hey, Happy Friday!


  1. Don't you love that attached arm guide? It's my favorite new sewing gadget. I agree that keeping TNT patterns without seam allowances is much easier. I save mine on poster board.

  2. I must find myself a TNT pattern. I always read about people basing new designs on old patterns, but until I saw your pictures I never really got how it worked. Thanks!

  3. WOW! That totally makes sense to me now. GReat idea!!! THank you!

  4. I absolutely love your illustrations - they are so clear and helpful, you really know what you are doing on all fronts. And thanks too for the scarf tutorial - reminds me that I can do this too. And finally you wash your menswear woolens? Wow. Do you pre-wash them too. What a lot of good information this morning.


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